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Writing about oneself is always a bit odd, but you deserve to know some of what qualifies me to be your mentor besides the catchy quotes and devilish good looks.


I started teaching occultism at the tender age of 16. Fortunate enough to grow up exposed to occultism and spiritualism and had the pleasure of training under one of the most influential clairvoyants and spiritual healers in our country.


By the time I turned 17, I was touring the country doing public clairvoyance and teaching circles on mediumism and Neuro-linguisitic programming before it was considered “cool”. It got boring quick as I realized after thousands of clients that all the messages from the spirits turned out pretty much the same with only the proof being the exception.


After turning 21 I decided to challenge all the spiritual woo-hoo and opened a three-story nightclub, during the most challenging time in the heart of South Africa. A time where bouncer wars and drug cartels in the city made headlines for violence and occult crimes. Yes, Krugersdorp or rather “Devilsdorp” as they try to make it sound according to media. I mean, what better place to test these “imagine light around you” philosophies and see if it protects you against a sword or a bullet right? Well, I quickly learned there was much more than just positive thinking and picturing light around people as I came face-to-face with life threatening situations and real pressures including death, violence, abuse, intimidation, poverty, loneliness and struggle.


It wasn’t all doom and gloom. Despite all this I was the King of the Streets – teaching men how to meet women through demonstration. I was quickly awarded the title of Pick Up Artist of the Year from the local pick-up community and I wasn’t even 23 yet. During the week I was helping women do the same. While connecting people with their passed over loved ones, I found that I still had the ability (despite damaging my head several times from violence and drugs in my youth) to teach myself programming while running a club and in doing so I had launched a successful digital agency.


No, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. I kept having challenges to overcome and this drove me to question and often walk away from magick as nothing more than philosophy, wishful thinking or at best self-hypnosis. I then started taking stock. I recalled several visions from my childhood of spontaneous astral states and while I was in my deepest work, traveling the country teaching spiritualism and occultism is how I set magick unconsciously into motion.



I recalled the spiritual beings I had contact with and what they said to me and then suddenly it all dawned on me – in some weird way I had created what I wanted. I produced a life with unbelievable stories. Not only did I have crazy adventures, but I had relationships most people thought impossible and an income impossible for someone who didn’t even finish school. That’s right, I didn’t even have a matric certification.

I realized that the reason my journey was so difficult and honestly terrifying most of the time was not because of the “that was what life was” mindset, but because of the “what I was” habit. I was conditioned through growing up and coming to see the world a certain way that it was ingrained into my unconscious that life was hard and cruel.

I believed that the only places I would find the kind of lovers, friends similar to me would be in the strange ‘frowned upon’ lifestyles and only after I made X amount of money. I also had an intense loneliness.

Because i bought into the that the spiritual path is lonely and other people won’t understand me because I am in the occult or that I could not have the career I wanted because I didn’t have the qualifications.

It was when I realized this that I understood, that my reality was the result of my own programming.

My view of magick was wrong all this time.

Maybe the rituals where just samples and I needed to create my own and work with the conditions and mythologies I was born, not just the ones I read about in books. That is when the game began changing – I say began changing because there was no secret pill but rather there emerged a very clear formula. A hero’s journey, as you might say, that made it all fall into place and gave me a clear roadmap for the good times, the bad and ultimately provide me with complete freedom.


20 Years of Experience in Professional Occultist and Technomancer

The freedom to have what I want, when I want, with who I want and wherever I wanted it. I went from struggling to learn how databases worked to being able to program in 50+ languages and developing a skill set that now allows me to learn virtually any technology in a few hours. I became proficient enough to use it in complex projects and within less than 3 days I went from unrequited love and relationships that were sub-par to creating romantic covens with the most beautiful intelligent women who not only shared my desires and goals but who happily indulged me in the most sacred and forbidden fantasies whilst being 100% true to my spiritual, occult beliefs and practices..

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From feeling like an outsider and being bullied as a kid to being able to stand up for myself in any situation and being an unstoppable force. To having the very authors I read and worshipped as a young man being my best friends and collaborating with me on amazing and ground breaking ideas.

The list goes on and on.


Even though this all sounds great, and truth is even as I reflect on this I am pretty impressed with myself as well, I need to also let you know it’s not joy and happiness all the time. I have bad days and bad things happen but that is life. I have developed strategies that fit into this framework that now make those bad days exciting as I get to meet the shadow in my own unconscious and welcome it home as I integrate my darkness and my light. You see “tough times” are not only liberating but needed as they allow us to reach results most people cannot even dream of from the shores of playing it safe. No wonder my life today looks like magick to those that do not understand the occult science behind it.


Since I was that young drop-out much has changed. I have made the human experience, business development, digital technologies, occult, and spiritual sciences my life’s work. On average I read and study no less than 2 hours every single day and have been doing this for well over 20 years.


I have been initiated and raised through grades in every major spiritual order from Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, the Golden Dawn to various tantric ones and also dark orders such as the Dragon Rouge and others who I still actively represent today. I still practice all those principles daily and this is why I can walk into any space and influence the people in it whether in a group or individually. This is why I can turn around impossible challenges and learn new technologies and ways to achieve my goals in days instead of weeks, not merely because of the support of spiritual intelligences but because of the profound relationship I have forged with my own daemon, who always reveals the way to me no matter how great the challange seems.


But what is most meaningful to me is how I watched my own identity change through various stages of natural and formal initiation that opened both more material, personal, professional and spiritual doors for me and how it put me in touch with a greater intelligence far beyond my own knowledge and experience – an intelligence that I can turn to any minute of the day. This was the part that took me the longest because it’s secrets were much more elusive than anything I read in the old grimoires.


The old magicians did not need to write this down as they took it for granted because they did not live in the techtopia we do today that is flooded by dopamine. It was when I truly turned within, turned into my feeling body and my inner life, unfiltered and aligned, that with what I learned about the occult map and human psychology that this voice opened back up to me and I could let go of the unconscious anxiety so many of us carry. Trust and know that the divine spark, the sacred genius, the Daemon within me was with me always and in all things. I could turn to it as my exclusive mentor and what a mentorship it has been! It has guided me and connected me in every way to make known what was unknown to me even in my deepest unconscious and in our shared unconscious. Do not get me wrong i am by no means complete or done as that is a false goal but i have ventured far enough to safely guide anyone successfully through the 3 initiations i offer in this program.


So, I hope you will find yourself taking the journey of a lifetime with me as I introduce you to your Daemonic self. I want you to know that I am not the guru here or anything special. The special magical occult power is inside you already – I am just here to guide you to overcome the barriers between you and your true magical teacher, It is still up to you take action and trust in this part as it opens you up to the world of the supernatural and raises you as it did me from Initiate to Magus to Technomancer.


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