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Are you sure you know what scrum is or what many of the terms you just heard are, well if you did that is great but lets be honest some of it just not as blended as it is here in most fields so below is a brief of some of those “simple questions” to help you get additional clarity

agile is a productivity philosophy used to create software but also to help manage any project. the scum approach is a specific methodology in this that emphasizes communication and weekly iterations of growth with demonstrable driven results

Whether you already have your own set or you have a budget constraint and don’t actually need things like physical robes, circles and books and so on but just want the sessions and work. we can come up with a better package. Just message me and be honest about your situation and I will let you know what parameters are available.

it is also possible if you are taking the technomancer package to do the payment sessions over a longer period of time to better fit inside a budget that more closely resembles and earlier package

We design and decide on the flow and degree of commitment on a weekly basis as we discuss all elements so we will be able to make it work.  But some behavioural changes will happen for example

you will be doing a daily discipline that takes around 30 minutes, daily journaling will be a thing and weekly sessions as well as another part of the practice that grows as we go.

there will be more active work involved when we enter technomancer and as we are actively working together to build your brand and you will be filming content working on ui and much more but we work together to figure out how best to approach this

This is still possible to work in as our focus is that these forces are archetypal and as such can work easily in any pantheon that is most effective for you but if you are set in a doctrine that rejects practices like ritual, meditation and the unconscious then this is not right for you as our system is based on results and cannot be used to shelter a faith

as the nature of the work is related to your own personal unconscious i am afraid that this is not possible.

however if you and your partner are both taking the program at the done with you level or done for you level and you will be working together on the same product brand or business then either a discount can be crafted based on the specifics of the project or the additional hours can be combined to gain more value from our teams to build your brand even bigger or faster

After our initial consultation and you decide this process is for you then i will send you a link to a payment subscription page using stripe where you will be able to subscribe. this will automate monthly payments for you no matter what country you are in. you will also receive a management link so you can cancel or update the payment method at any time

all information is private including sessions.

you will receive a synch link which our sessions will be saved to for your records and once our work completes this session will be up for 1 month so you can download the sessions after which the link and all backups are destroyed to protect the information as such nothing is recoverable so i will not unfortunately be able to provide access again after this period so please make sure you download these sessions and for your own records

Occultism can be filled with danger but that is why working with an experienced mentor is show helpful and also why there is so much reporting and analysis done almost daily. This is to insure that we catch any potential challenges and deal with them before they become serious issues. if anything this is the safest possible way to approach the path but let me be clear this is not medicine and if I think you need a doctor I will tell you immediately and likely in the first session

Thats no stress, life happens and we are flexibile. we will just skip that week but still add some exercises but you wont lose that week it will just extend the time we use as the program is based on sessions, the time is just to give you an idea of how long it should take

Yeah you heard right but no that is not my real name. It is an alias i use because lets be honest there are still some crazy people out there that think they will go to heaven if they kill a witch. so the name is used to protect my family and some of my other businesses.


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