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The Neuroscience of Spell Crafting

Hey there sinners
it’s adam nox and welcome to another episode of the cult of you
spells curses magic rituals a lot of it sounds quite superstitious let’s be honest in fact the idea for many today that you know spell can just solve your problem seems quite ridiculous and in honesty it is you know the idea that there’s this one little spell or one little ritual that you’re going to do that’s starting to solve all your problems is wishful thinking that demonstrates a number of psychological issues that should firstly be addressed before any success in magic can happen but let’s look at this let’s dive deep into the subject of spells and spell crafting and instead of just looking it from the esoteric framework or spiritual frameworks let’s look at the neuroscience behind it let’s look and really explore is it superstition or is it a super science i’m adam knox sit back relax and enjoy today’s episode and remember to live deliciously [Music] waving [Music] i think we all are sometimes amused when we look at different forms and things in the internet and you see all the newbies and sometimes even they’re not so newbies asking for spells quick rituals to fix their problems what this really demonstrates is demonstrate someone that’s in a emotionally entained state and they’re desperate the thing that they’re looking for they’re seeing outside of themselves funny how that is the very factor that’s going to prevent the magic from working so let’s look at this a little bit seriously for a moment why do spells work and why are they the way they are if you pick up a book on slavic magic for example you may find spells to curse your enemies to attract love to you know prevent things and all kinds of stuff there is an array in every tradition but let’s take that as an example in one of those examples you may wish to bring luck or joy inside of your life and you may take a coin and spring water that you keep this coin in and that you put a blessing on over the moon when the moon is at a certain tone and you will then utilize that water in a certain magical way another another example may be where you would take those same these are examples now of wealth or you know uh prosperity spells you may take that same coin or you may take coins and go to the back of a church and you may throw them onto the wall of the church and saying a certain petition to a certain saint you even see those practices in kind of folk lore like practices of people that honor the um the various catholic saints you see the same practice carried over in hudu now that may extend even further you may see now examples of candle magic routines and things like that now each practice and each technique and each spell and each ritual and each ceremony has a number of different elements so for us to imagine we’re going to cover every instance and explain it all in a single episode is ridiculous in fact that’s kind of why there’s courses like you know mine on the point of view it’s because it’s a lot of data there’s a lot of information a lot of aspects that we need to master in order to fully understand what’s going on with this occult science the cult again means secret and science there however should not be assumed under the same mantle as um modern day science or empirical science empirical science that it’s definite and testable to you know the upper end and the reason for this is because it is an occult science it is playing in a field that includes domains of study that cannot currently be measured by traditional science alone and it also expands different other avenues there may be aspects that we can verify in psychological experiments there may be things that we know is true from tests you know within our own different framework but there’s a there’s a paradigm here that is useful and this is the idea of inside the hologram you know inside the vr mask you see science itself tries to solve the riddle of the universe but doing so inside of the vr mask making it subject it’s like a video game if you’re playing grand fifth auto or you know hellblade which is one of my favorites you’re restricted to the rules of the game however there’s a programmer that sits behind that and is in charge of setting up those rules if those rules weren’t in place maybe the game would have turned out very differently the probabilities or the possibilities would have been different the physics would have been different and it’s all because of how it’s been set up so we assume that science operates from within this place and it can’t see outside of it because it’s subject to it and hopefully math and other sciences which are also very common in the occult world will take us further and give us the ability to research and accomplish things at a greater level and these are studies in the area of consciousness uh research that are now kind of coming to the front um subjects like string theory and many others explore these other things from a mathematical and theoretical oftentimes pursuit but many of these experiments give us results but without jumping off of too much of a tangent about latest research and science which is something that i do recommend you look into let’s look specifically at our subject which is spell crafting and the neurology of it so why do i even bring these two together for most people spells seems to be an esoteric taboo science that the witches had like they’re graced by the devil now am i saying that you know there aren’t there are not supernatural forces that’s a subject for another episode what i am saying is a simple example and i use this example oftentimes in some of my old classes when i used to teach publicly and i use it and i call it ptd egyptian if you’re from another country that name may sound foreign to you it’s just a common term you know used here for names or some names in south africa the idea is that falls in love you know harry is just hanging out in ancient you know cairo and he sees susan you know or sunny and he says yo sonny you look cute and he’s nervous as heck because sunny sonny’s from a you know richer family you know she has all these things going for her she’s really hot by his standards he’s nervous so what he does is he goes and he goes and makes a petition to the sun god ray and as he does there’s a certain set of things that happens now let’s look at on the outside on the outside pt goes into the ritual he goes and he makes a whole journey along the nile and on this little bit of a journey to to find these very sacred herbs that are important or these are sacred stones that are important to the sun god he does it and he comes back after this you know journey that he’s been through that he was hungry on he went through quite an effort to attain and he comes back and as he comes back to his sacred temple or his sacred space you know he waits until the appropriate hour when the sun is at its zenith and it’s most powerful and he knows the god is watching over him and blessing him and he goes in and he whispers the secret names that he was taught in his initiations and as he says these secret names he goes into a trance and he goes the spur takes him over and he starts to say these things and he puts the stones there and he makes the offerings and he sees his spell and the spell quite poetically rhymes and it seems to follow this this unique pattern very much like a song does you know there’s this intro there’s this chorus and the chorus is not the words and you know then the bridge and it bolds and but there’s a pattern there’s a very specific pattern at the end of it he exhausts himself and he releases this energy because maybe he does something like he cuts his hand and there’s blood spilling over the offering or maybe he’s practicing sex magic and he does a release or maybe he just releases himself through intoxicated dance or he just feels in some way shape or form that you know accepts maybe he sees the god come down and accept the offering he knows prayer is answered the next day he goes out and as he heads out hey it’s sunny how are you doing he’s feeling good his son’s odd he’s blessed his magic’s done he approaches sonny and they just start a conversation you know a couple of weeks later they’re together things are going great on the outside of this you know for an stepping into this experience they go wow you know the magical power of ra pt’s great ability is an egyptian sorcerer to you know get what he wants what happens in the rest of the journey will leave for you know enough sharpies and tv to answer um but now let’s look at that from a bit more of a near scientific point of view as well as you know a couple of other disciplines that are included in this again remember called science is a holistic science so it includes art it includes science it includes physics neuroscience it includes your psychology psychiatry it includes a number of disciplines and for philosophical systems all wrapped around this this science this practical taste repeat alter until you get the results that you’re after system if you will what happened at a deeper level is what we’re interested in firstly was the sun god ra real or not maybe maybe it wasn’t but what happened is important for us you see since pd was a little boy pity grew up in a narrative and in this narrative there was a certain authority that gave the crops its power that gave light to the world that expelled darkness or negativity and this eventually because he was singing the praises he was in these emotional euphoric states and he saw other people preach about this in other words they were social proof you know and he got into this the scotoma the self-induced hypnotic state he linked the symbol that these people were representing called ra ray to the sun and he linked the symbolism in certain images and he linked and attributed certain qualities or emotions and states to this force now that’s a that’s a very useful thing because that force can then be independent of his little problems and his big issues because yeah sure meeting a girl might be a big deal for him but it’s no big deal for you know the divine god ray to kind of orchestrate who orchestrates the very s day coming in and the night coming in and has all these relationship to these other gods that control his world in so doing he does a couple of other things now follow me on this journey so a psychic archetype is established in the mind that establishes certain kind of potentials or properties and states attributed to it in fact entire ranges of consciousness he now goes on to a little quest he goes on to a euros journey if you will right a joseph campbell’s heroes journey in this journey he sacrifices himself to a degree he sacrifices his own comfort his own laziness you know his own um doubt because he puts in the effort you know he means he sacrifices his doubt he sacrifices his disbelief and as he does that he goes and he finds quite these things in the world that are sacred and aligned to this narrative as he goes finishes this quest he brings these items back home to his journey going into his journey goes to a place that to him is attributed more qualities of sacredness okay it’s got all these divine qualities and attributes to it and now he goes into this other stage maybe he steps in he takes off his normal clothes letting go more of his normal personality his normal personal reality and he dawns the robes of a priest an anointed of the god ra and by the way you can substitute this through anything you can substitute it for jesus buddha rey god whatever you want whatever your sprinkle is you could even substitute it for the great unconscious or the universe recognize that all these are symbolic at this point of this conversation again we’re not debating it’s reality we’re simply exploring this from a near scientific point of view or a neurotheological point of view if i could rather you know put it out like that in doing so something very interesting happens he now enters his sacred circle that again demonstrates to him this altered world this altered reality where everything is possible okay not his normal day-to-day life whereas the struggle in this place that he’s entering everything is possible the circle that he enters into he’s wearing a robe that aligns him in the favor of this ultimate authority okay see what i’m getting at now in front of the table he has a drawing because you know printers weren’t as effective back in the days of ancient egypt this drawing of sonny and he has a drawing of himself and he takes the two of them he puts them together and as he does that he starts to say his prayer in rhyme in other words in his brain there’s a symbol of his the of of of what he wants and he’s actively changing these symbols and you see this a lot of all magic for example how you know war generals used to kind of play the war out in advance in their minds and actually with chase pieces or with actual pieces how it will play out and then involve the gods with this divine authority inside of making it happen the puppet play that we see in in in you know practices like uru and voodoo there’s all these dimensions that are important so here is where things get even more juicy because now he’s applying more things and in art one of the things that we get in the spoken arts is for example poetry there is a massive impact on us emotionally when things are spoken in rhyme there’s a massive impact and things are spoken of in movement there’s a massive impact when there’s color correspondence we know this we know as designers in in web design and ux and ui we understand these patterns we understand that if i utilize as a photographer the rule of thirds i understand that if i utilize color in the correct way i understand if i use symbolism in the correct way i’m having a direct impact on the viewers unconscious on their psyche on their heart on their deeper inner self and i’m moving that in a certain direction this is important this is really important and this is again where people confuse this as the superstition when there’s actually a genuine system of science and technology here that is very easily overlooked because of all the pop culture around this stuff he now has these two symbols symbol himself and the other person taught together and then he links them and as he links them he says the rhyme that affirms the new reality that he’s starting to create and as he does this he works himself in this intense frenzy and then at the peak of it he cuts his blood which is a symbol of himself and has a very great meaning to him and is a symbol of payment and exchange throws it over the piece and then as he does he binds this together with rope and then puts it in the fire and burns and it’s synced to the gods and his spell is costing his ritual is run here’s what happened he in his psyche being born in this pantheon established the states of ultimate authority of freedom of power and of possibility where anything’s possible this deity had power over love had power over this had power over the day everything like that very very essential to utilize now as he did that he then put himself into a state where he felt worthy or aligned to that power because he dawned his priestly robes he gave up his limited personality self and then disassociated from the limit itself and associated neurologically to this divine self he changed states inside of his brain and he switched personalities if you will you know the same as we look at the research upon you know a split personality people can manifest different physical characteristics in their body he’s doing that at a micro level as he does that and he’s now aligned to these stations contemplate these deities amplify these states of possibilities states of power he was no longer thinking about the person he wanted to connect with and feeling powerless he was feeling powerful and like it’s an effortless thing it’s easy to happen it’s natural for it to happen there’s not even doubt doubt was eliminated even as early as what led up to the spell when he was going on the journey his self-sabotaging patterns were eliminated through the effort he was putting in that feeling of give and take he already engaged that at the start even before he entered the trance in the ritual now as he went through this process now he comes into more aspects he symbolically represents this person now here’s an important thing when we look at people we look at the world the way the energy we’re admitting to them the vibe we’re sending out is the direct result of how we represent them the world and ourselves if you look at some that’s why dogs smell fear you know if you’re afraid of the dog and you’re what you’re doing is you’re representing them as dangerous and that being which is so unconscious is so subject to these laws hence why if you’re projecting that fear that’s the form it’s going to take if you have a projection of potential of joy or positivity that’s what it’s going to take everything in reality is a quantum field of potential hence why the tree of life exists in each and every one of us inside of me you and everyone else is the entire tree of life and death which means all the demons all the angels they exist inside of everyone and everything what we activate though is what we perceive which is the important principle to understand in so doing he takes the symbolism of himself because he himself is also a symbol he takes the symbolism of his objective target which is in this point the girl it could be anything it could be a business situation it could be more money he represents them he empowers them if they are the real the same way the voodoo practitioner carves the doll and instructs this law of similarity you know this law of likeness you know who they will maybe if they enhance it even more by having an attribute of the person maybe you’ve got a bit of sunny’s hair and he plonked it in there law of association he increases the intense level of association in his neurology to this being that the same thing happens in normal therapy you know the moment a person gets healed in therapy if you’re going to a you know non-direct therapist or a star therapist and they were like oh you know the pillow is your dad that you’ve got issues with you know tell them how you feel at first you’re like you know dad i don’t like that you did this and then he coaches you and you’re all into it eventually there’s a moment that the moment you look at the pillow and you’re like that’s dad that i had issues with a person x and i’m feeling different and i’m talking differently to it what happens in the brain is that the symbol which is dad is transferred to the pillow the pillow becomes that the same way the symbol which is the person gets transferred to the image gets changed as it gets changed here’s what happens same thing in the therapy the emotion linked to the symbol gets changed and the second that does the brain rewires and new behaviors and new states and new insights get unlocked remember your cerebellum calculates 400 billion bits of information in comparison to your conscious brain that only calculates 2 000. you know what to do in every situation you know how to solve your problems fix your life change your reality you don’t do it because you’ve wired yourself in a negative way and that’s the purpose of the science of magic to rewire the inner world so that the outer worlds change themselves in correspondence to this you know azerbaijan as above so below we’ve heard this preached in every system the rich will be richer the poor will be poorer it’s the internal system the internal matrix that determines the reality and that’s why we have to go within or go without as the old spiritualist adage goes so moving on he now reinforces this he’s built up so he’s in such a deep trance because this is more real for him than the outside world this is reality these are the this is actually the person that’s actually him this is actually her the gods are actually real this is all happening inside so in other words the person is completely switched off from the world from time place people and things and if you look at the work of joe dispenza that’s really what he preaches you’re disconnecting from the personality sectors and connecting to the cerebral functions within these deeper portions of the brain and their probability by making the inner world more real than the other world fundamental rule as he does this in the peak of this frenzy you know the state that he is in this energy that is involved it’s so real he needs to release the energy in other words lodge it and disassociate and come back out he does that by cutting his hand and blood spills out and as he does this there’s a release there’s a biochemical cathartic release in the body in other words the emotional states that have now been anchored in his nervous system get super charged and that ball up of power suddenly gets released the same way an orgasm almost brings about a child you know ejaculation brings about a child these this is a fundamental of our nature our operating systems how we work as he does this the psyche takes that massive emotional catharsis and rewires the relationship happening between these two people inside of this internal world he then places the thing in a burning cauldron he offers it up to the god in other words paying the currency inside of his own nervous system we have all these rules of what you have to do to be good enough he and you know for others it’s more complicated for some people it seems simple and that is because they value themselves and they see themselves as good enough or worthy there’s a mystery here for initiations and if you those of you that study the processes of initiation there’s a key there i hope you can grasp it if not you know keep watching as he does this he gets the next stage of that release where his psyche now looks at this problem or this which has now been altered you know he’s taken the situation he’s altered the situation he’s rewired and reworked it and now he represents it in a very specific way as he does you know he sees this authority this power that’s greater than him that is over everything and he imagines that force taking it now either he imagines us directly or he does it by seeing the you know the the smoke coming off of the fire and being accepted by the gods who he now believes accepts his offering of blood this problem because that’s what they want he feels that it’s worthy it’s accepted the neurology the neurology changes because the emotional relationship changes that’s the key as he does this there’s a massive release and the next day he wakes up from this intense ceremonial process that he’s done you know he goes and he thanks the you know god for his thing you know still being congruent with his narrative steps outside sun shining remember the sun’s a symbol right in his nervous system it represents these things so the sun shines and he’s just done a ritual to this deity it must be proof this increases his sense of evidence and a sense of certainty about his success what he’s done in this process is he’s eliminated all doubts all disbeliefs everything like that now he walks down hey you see sunny something interesting is happening though he’s no longer feeling hesitant or dart he’s feeling confident and good he’s not only done that he’s acts as powerful states of the possibility of their future and he’s bypassed his own limitations now when he approaches sunny because why not he already knows he’s successful he’s just emitting that aura of confidence that energy that she wants to know more about he’s curious what’s the change what’s gone on what’s so different about you know pt he’s so interesting today and he’s joking he’s no longer worried about losing her he’s literally demonstrating all the behaviors that we learn in the seduction arts and the venusian arts are necessary for success in relationships and the very least in dating you know he’s not needy he’s showing himself as a leader he’s confident he’s powerful you know he’s demonstrating his personality because he’s changed the neural association at a fundamental level to the symbols inside of his reality which includes an individual inside of his reality and because he’s done that he’s changed or unlocked new states new resources new behaviors within himself making him more capable of getting what he wants interesting this is an important thing to recognize and here’s also the part where a lot of people go oh but is that it you know so it’s just the neuro neuroscience it’s just this it’s just that no there’s more there’s always more truth is truth because it’s fundamental truth it’s true at multiple tiers multiple levels you see if we look at the work of people like joe de spain’s uh and many of the others that are now pioneering the areas of consciousness research quantum mechanical philosophies we also understand there’s entanglement you know entanglement also indicates that when i change that the world changes in other words the moment i change what happens is the vibration that i’m sending out to the world and what is possible inside of my world also changes so yes these things are true because that’s what happens at a psychological behavioral level and a social level but that’s only one dimension that’s only the tip of the iceberg there are far more dimensions beneath that iceberg that need to be explored and discussed and mastered before you can truly call yourself an addict and that is the journey so hence why spellcrafting alone was always considered simply a art of lower magic versus higher magic being a form of theory you know or or dharma theory even in which which is often referred to as true high magic or miracle working in this state we align ourselves with the gods because there’s a reason and that’s again a discussion for another show of why the same type of gods show up in every single tradition even though they look different or they act different they’re so so similar think of it for a moment why is there always a goddess of love in every tradition a god of prosperity these are more and why they’re always connected to the planets why does that always why does that pattern consistently repeat itself you know why is the goddess the may in the in the greek pantheon um have the same exact color with the goddess of justice truth and truth has the exact same colors of white blue and yellow in her tones as the goddess mart in the egyptian which is also the goddess of truth and justice why these matching correspondents you know journeys and generations away you know there’s so much here why are the patterns still there and that’s because the unconscious and the collective unconscious has specific patterns and rules that a constant map throughout the different years and mystics and spiritual you know gurus have met but not everyone utilizes them some just utilize them in intellectual spaces and this is again where we recognize the difference between the mystic and the magician the mystic goes in like the prophet and finds these altered states and gains these insights doesn’t necessarily mean they go and use them and for us to operate today this is what the magician does the magician goes and practically utilize these things to bring about changes in their world we are at a stage in our society and our evolution where left and right is dissolving we’re good and bad and light and dark is dissolving this is the purpose of the work the non-dualistic approach the disillusion of duality in so doing we must recognize that even the mystic and the magi must come together as we ourselves are not gods only we are hybrid gods you see because one component of us is divine and another component of is disaster and we need both we need the sin and we need the solution to the sin we need the art and the science we need the masculine and the feminine we need to enjoy the delicate dance between art and science we need to understand the relationship between the supernatural and the natural for us to truly advance and bring about new probabilities and new experience and new levels of thinking and creations of reality now yes this is a generalization to a very specific field and there is so so much more that we can explore and and discuss but to really go in depth with all of this we can again this isn’t called science that’s an extensive piece i mean at the time of this recording the content available just for us in the cult of view is over a hundred modules which is over a hundred weeks worth of material and it’s still growing that’s just in that how many other pieces of material out there how many other research systems and groups are there this is why the true mastery of this is a renaissance mastery you see how so many of the go ethic entities all govern over the liberal arts you know mastery over the liberal arts is what leads you to a greater understanding in your capacity and your mastery of magic many uh and this is where the divide came between low magic and high magic you know the low magic magicians and the practitioners and the pagans of the land it worked for them they didn’t understand exactly the science behind it you know so it was very superstitious and it would work sometimes and it wouldn’t work and they were quote unquote at the mercy of the gods whereas the adepts of the high matches the ones that almost scholarly you know studied this um they were able to get more results in certain ways but not all of them mind you some of them did not and this is because of that spectrum you know being top heavy on experience versus being top heavy in education it’s in the middle you know where our actual power works it doesn’t help you being purely intellectual and purely obsessed it was a big challenge for me when i understood the neuroscience and the quantum science behind this stuff to actually make it work because it was all like oh but this is just science i had to give all that up and make it real again you know i could understand the mechanism but when you enter the path i often say that you know to enter to do the magic is the most demanding because it expects you to refine the edge the sword of reason but remember it’s a double-edged sword because on the other hand it wants you to cut off all reason and become almost illogical you must go from understanding that you know these are it’s my representational systems it’s the meaning these have within me to that actually is the deity that actually is real and once you do you open up to another level of probabilities i’m not here to tell you to tell you these things are real or they are not real you know the same way as you know if you look listen to the conversation with dh thorn are you real i mean the concept am i real you know is another debate we can disprove that entire thing you know in another neuroscience experiment but be curious about these things be curious about the mechanisms behind it and understand why these things persisted as long as they did because if there was no merit behind any of them they would have completely been weeded out of existence by now it’s simply how survival of our mechanisms have worked so i hope this has helped you to look at these arts from a different point of view and please do give me a comment like and subscribe you know if you haven’t already and i’d love to hear what are some other topics that you’d love to hear me tackle in the future or some guests that you’d like to you know have on board and if it’s too personal to type it out in the comments please just drop an info sorry drop an email to info at thecult.co.za and i personally look at that mail box just give me some time to respond to it but i will gladly answer it and i’m always open for new ideas and new concepts to help us grow this channel you know and the podcast and this community thank you very much again for tuning in and remember to live deliciously i’ve always felt a little different a little uneasy between regular [ __ ] a bit of a dreamer a lost cause a little non-ordinary some would say i think i’ve always just been this way my mother said i was special my father thought i should be feared but i knew that witchcraft coursed through my veins the first time i tasted the lips of the goddess inside the right yes i’m a witch it’s true and sure we are the ones who believe in the beauty of nature who believe in the things science absent of art cannot explain who instead of religion would have romance and sure you may think we have lost our way when in the world of predictable things we have such unfamiliar things that we would like to say but maybe in a world so cold and alone a little unfamiliar is exactly what is to show us the way home hey family it’s adam knox here thanks for supporting this podcast and you know these ideas i really appreciate free thinkers you know like yourselves that are willing to challenge conventional norms and think for themselves and take on new challenges and look at new ideas and as such i want to say that if you haven’t yet if you are looking at ways to improve your knowledge over the entire field and you’re looking at a you know regular feed of ideas and concepts to keep improving yourself i’d like to invite you to sign up at thecult of you all my teachings and all my ideas are there for only 19 a month and every month i bring you a completely new section of some of the most cutting ideas and i’m constantly adding to that so i’m constantly reviewing and adding more knowledge as i gain them and you’ll see a lot of the interviews and a lot of things that i do extend on some of the subjects that i cover inside of those areas i do take quite a bit of effort to make sure the forming is also quite good and to give you not just a demonstration of rituals but also talk you through the psychology behind them so that you’re empowered to do them and i cover every subject under the sun from science to art to magic to all the different systems out there from the golden dawn to the western trade of the western traditions to the lithium path traditions we discussed technology and technomancy we discuss sex magic and seduction we discuss so much more from purely the mental aspects to how do you deal with the darkness when it comes up as well as how do you take those things into business and into your romantic life as well as what are the keys to make your magic work as well as to unlock different degrees of spirituality so if you haven’t yet please consider signing up at the cult of you and you’ll be able to send me a mail and message there and i’ll be there to help you your personally through mail correspondence and chat you and guide you through the entire process and if you make it through the first year of the entire cycle and you graduate the second year of the program you’re able to have direct sessions with myself and some of the members of my temple and i look forward to helping you whether you go that route or not please keep enjoying these podcasts please share them with people that you think there are they’re going to find value of them like and subscribe to the show and please send me your messages to info at the cult of you i would love to hear what are things that are important to you what are ideas and concepts that this raised maybe this inspired you maybe this you know made sense to you maybe this opened up something i’d love to hear that please talk to me and please share with me write in the comments and give me your ideas and concepts if you’re watching this on the youtube channel if you’re not if you’re only watching this on the youtube channel please head on over to spotify and do subscribe and if you’re listening to this in spotify go check us out on youtube but please share this share these ideas and these concepts and let’s let’s have a conversation i’d love to hear from you that’s it for me i’m adam knox this is the cult of you and remember live [Applause] deliciously you


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