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Half God / Half Devil: The way of the forbidden heart

I want you to play a game of pretend with me for us just a moment

let’s pretend the time is non-linear that the only experience of it being linear is inside of our brains that we don’t perceive reality as we think we do that we experience electrical impulses that are interpreted by our brains based upon our existing referential system in other words the knowledge literally the ideas that are inside of us inside of our own mind the ones that we’ve inherited from our family that have built up our genetic mold and systematically introduced this concept of a reality so what if we’re not seeing the actual world we’re seeing a hologram of the world as physics would lead us to believe today and we’re seeing it inside of our brain as we’re trying to rebuild this experience inside of our own head now taking on this idea that time doesn’t function as we imagine it does and our experience of reality is based upon the data existingly available to us now imagine a couple of thousand years ago someone who’s gifted with his experience and awakens to a higher state of consciousness outside of his known somehow has the ability to grasp our world today they are able to perceive scientists working inside of the large hydrogen collector they’re able to perceive black holes they’re able to perceive anti-matter they’re able to perceive events like hiroshima and the atomic bomb anti-gravitational devices machines that fly human beings that have developed intelligences that supersede them and are called and calculated that doesn’t have the same emotional responses the world of artificial intelligence blockchain and various other technologies that we now take for granted now imagine for a moment this individual’s attempt at trying to reference his neocortex and his cerebellum and all of his memory functions and his tribal thinking given the model of reality in the time period in which the thinkers of many of our religious worlds today from early islam to early christianity and judaism were those individuals those writers that have maybe glimpsed this idea what their interpretation would be could it be possible that that individual may see a man that masters or understands the mechanism mechanisms of dark matter and dark energy and the power to it and call this person a prince of darkness could it be possible that understanding that christ being a united factor sees this probability and technology where things that are united are being pulled apart as we explore deeper into the areas of anti-matter may consider that an antichrist or an anti-unification it’s interesting if we take a moment back to look at how many doctrines that we take today as common science and common personal developmental technology was at one point considered evil simply because of how the brain is attempting to protect itself simply for its own survival mechanisms the same way we block out too much information which is probably the reason so many people find it comforting to live in a very limited model of reality stuck on a very simplified religion in fact we understand from marketing that the more simple we present the subject the more consumable it is and that is perhaps why many not like yourself though tend to steer away from these discussions or simply quickly label them as evil or wrong but let’s dive in deep today shall we let’s look at the middle way let’s look at the necessity of the christ and the antichrist the requirement of the tree of life as well as the tree of death and what does this mean for us and how you may already be experiencing this whether or not you are initiated upon these paths i’m adam knox and welcome to another episode of the cult of you sit back relax and enjoy today’s installment and remember to live deliciously [Music] [Music] symbols control us in the work of dr kralogist of young we find a lot of research around the subject of symbolisms and how the subconscious mind has been wired by it many people entered into the left hand path or the magical tradition as a whole coming from an existing tradition and oftentimes shoot themselves in the foot they tend to manifest unwanted experiences negative results and some would say that they’ve opened the door for demons and devils i remember when i was young hearing the ridiculously incompetent statements from certain spiritual authorities as they would have called themselves at the time that the simple act of meditation would invoke devils as if we don’t have enough research in terms of science today of the actual benefit of it it is appalling that there are still so many primitive thinking people out there fortunately this way of thinking is being very quickly eradicated as a result of the internet and the global extension of knowledge and information now more research is available to everybody instead of just accepting the words that was given to them by preachers teachers and others who quite frankly were lazy and just didn’t want to do the actual research themselves and simply repeat its statements now i can’t judge these people even though i may already have simply because this is not necessarily their fault but this is a fault of human nature we tend to make statements based upon unconscious processes in fact the very experience of consciousness or even free will is something that comes a little bit later in the series from once a stimulus occurs you know as we said that when we experienced reality it’s the brain is interpreting electrical signals and before it can do the full interpretation in other words before that can be presented to our conscious mind or our conscious awareness it goes through this hierarchy of our existing neural associations and previous experiences that means not only it is filtered through our emotional reference plate but it’s filtered through the ideas that were built up upon that if we had to very deeply dive back into every idea that we hold currently as truth and we had to investigate every single author of the supposed truth if you had to think about the book that you read that story from and you think about the history of what brought that book into place the individuals and the state of mind they were in at that point the circumstances that brought about that the difference in one individual’s education and what one word would mean to him versus that of another in fact our society today is rich with conflict of people battling over semantics what does one word mean to another and another war and another’s interpretation of it is completely different and has oftentimes been the cause for at the least conflict or disagreement and at the most expansive war we find ourselves with this horrid semantic structure because of us trying to meet fundamental needs and having unhealthy vehicles by which to do so vehicles which religion was supposed to provide us with vehicles by which we would unite be able to look at each other more objectively in fact stephen are covering in seven habits of highly effective people said that the three stages of emotional development or maturity spoke of us as codependent independent and the last one interdependent one where we can entertain contradicting ideas without having to buy into them where we could express our points of view without needing other people to agree with them with a culture that we exist in today that’s so rich and varied in terms of its meanings and interpretations it only seems to get worse when we look at the subject of occultism because more people are entering these subjects coming up with more expanded irrational ideas based upon their own experiences which quite frankly can be tainted and lack the true original meaning in fact people are drawing in their own interpretation and this is something again that we are all guilty of i myself am guilty of it yeah sure i may have a larger expanse of references due to the fact that i’ve been initiated into many mystery traditions i’ve studied in excess of 20-30 years on the subject and as such seen more patterns than the layman has but that doesn’t make me free from my own biases and it is because of that that we must always be weary but one of the things that i’d like to raise to our attention today is this notion of the fallen tree of the tree of death you see it is a common hallucination that the tree of death is something to stay away from it’s destructive it’s dangerous avoid it and quite frankly for most people this is indeed true and the reason for that is because it is the path of destruction and why then if it is the path of destruction why would someone in their right mind want to go there i say that from personal experience because i wasn’t initially a left-hand path practitioner i was a right hand very extremist right hand i was that guy sending light and meditation out to all those dark practitioners when i lack the true knowledge and understanding and i myself was the victim of these preconditioned frames of what hell is of what punishment is of what pain is of the negative forces and i took hollywood interpretations which were the ones propagated by the religious establishments and the spiritual organizations in the communities that i grew up in in those early years of the 80s and 90s you know and entering into the 2000s and we’re still there in many parts of the world many parts of the world where people deny technology because they’re afraid of it instead of opening to it and realizing the access to information because people were rewarded for being ignorant they were rewarded for being like children naive willing to believe anything that they are told unfortunately locking themselves in cages where they believe nothing at all yet many of us still suffer in the back of our mind from these hallucinations whether we are conscious of them or not and they need to be resolved for us to be successful so why then the left hand why then the fallen tree why then the christ versus the antichrist you see when we walk up the tree of life the initial portions of the tree of life this kabbalistically has great intelligent value for us we’re developing the elemental dimensions of our nature which means we are maturing our sexual components our sexual polarity our king magician warrior and lover as it’s commonly referred to in the means development movement and this is actually something that’s applicable to men and women then we cultivate the seven planetary dimensions as we move up the different kabbalistic stages from malcolm yes so to heart to nets to tiffaret to his side to and all the way up the tree and so as we as we move all the way up the tree this journey up the tree is the development of the first portion it’s us becoming aware of these unconscious projections that we place inside of society inside of people in sort of places and times of things and events that we are projecting unconsciously you see even though we may have grown out of the first projection as adolescents we haven’t released ourselves from that universal you know projection that we are still suffering for as spiritual adolescence and inside of this we must recognize that the journey is clear the same way as you realize that the lover that you fall in love with is not you’re not really falling in love with a person you’re falling in love with the symbols again the things that that person represents you then uses keys to your internal rituals by which you then unlock these emotions that exist nowhere else but within yourself and in so doing you then anchor them enforcing making those symbols sacred to yourself no wonder they’re painful when they’re stripped away when they’re lost as such we learn the first initial stages that it’s us but for us to get through that to learn to deal with that because that’s why the fallen tree the fallen tree talks about these opposites of the creation myth it talks about the destructive myths if we look at the philosophy of the sitha ahara we talk about the first creations that the world itself the tree of life couldn’t handle the first saphira and as the light started to unfold outside of itself and moved into the fourth manifestation in other words outside of the supernal so to speak as outside of the initial kind of creations of the first three layers of the negative layers ein einsof and software of that limitless boundlessness as it started manifest where cracked the first of the tree couldn’t handle the first that contains light as such it shattered and produced the cleopathic tree the fallen tree meaning that the fallen tree inside of itself still contains what you know author thomas carlson refers to as the nietzsche the initial sparks of the body of god so to speak dividing the tea then into two components the thoughtful and the thoughtless light this is then further seen as the manifestation of the tetragrammaton the fortitude name of god or what many refer to as the slave god and its reversal you know the negative tier of that reverse tier of that the opposite manifestation which something would attribute to lucifer this consistent manifestation of these dual forces are in opposition but they are also a necessity you see many would try and bias themselves to the one and these are often the ones that suffer the most you see because either they’re completely anti-everything and they disconnect and they never experience connection or love or joy or they’re completely the opposite they become codependent upon this light and positive and they never want to look at the shadow and the dark stuff while the dark stuff festers inside of them the same way as in the dark ones that need for love festers inside of them and what happens in both as they corrupt these forces and they have unhealthy manifestations what is necessary is both even if we take the progression of the journey up the tree of life in the words of kenneth grant and aleister crowley we enter finally through the top of the tree and through bina and we’re swallowed in through the art the art being the place from which we have fallen the original garden of eden if you will that we fell down into as we created this hallucination of separation this process of projection through which we experience reality now as we then ascend back up we start to resolve the dualities and our psyches we dissolve the separations and the frictions we come to the fundamental essence of it this however produces identity it produces incredible intense attachment and our only liberation of attachment is for it to be ripped away and the art of pain you see as long as you are living so perfectly and so beautifully thinking you’re going to find the one or you know that person or that thing is going to complete you or this place you’re going to go through this journey of the front of the tree you’re gonna long for it until you find unity with it and when you’re gonna find unity with it it’s gonna stay in your life until you’ve learned the assimilated energetic lessons that you need to for you to be ready to move on to the next stage of your development then it’s going to be stripped away then there’s going to be death there’s always those cycles birth unity and death the problem is very few people look at the psychology of the death side if we study the archetypes if we study the god names the demon names and all these things we can come to a very clear realization that the names of god the names of the archangels and the archdemons are less the names of individuals and more the titles of stages in progression for example the name metatron which we see attributed to the positive side of god in the tree of life is translates as he who is within the presence the name samayal his exact counter translates roughly as he who is outside of the presence the presence being the most accurate definition here for god or the kind of god that is revered in both senses you see it is at this tier where the concept of god is no longer at the level of the tetragrammaton or you know a certain deity or an archetype but it’s more akin to the principle of the taoists as in the force the tao that can be named is not the true dao the undifferentiated force from which all things are born and all things assimilate to we recognize that the one portion of the tree is the process of association as a pathway to it and the other portion of the tree is the process of disassociation there’s always been this creation and nihilism you know that has progressively existed throughout our society these two strategies these two sides of the coin these two hemispheres of the moon these cycles of day and night has been historic throughout our times we see it through the cycles of the year we’re just passing a grand equinox now either astara or maybon depending where you are and what time you are watching this video and in this we recognize as the ancients themselves knew the need for both yet in our society today because of fear and because of bias and because of this very problem of identity we find ourselves polarized to one or the other i was on the net the other day and i saw somebody have a video on of all the different naming 20 different types of witches and her first opening comment was she knows there’s many more but she decided to target those it’s ridiculous it’s ridiculous because our desperate need for identification demonstrates our subjugation to a certain thing as a magi we understand that my identity is the process of me establishing a set of associative memories to certain impulses these then build up collectively to give me a sense of self and such an identity as such my identity is not only the vault key of my the key to the vault of my quantum mind it’s also the trap you see when you’re just stuck and i’m a left hand i’m a right hand i’m a green witch i’m a red witch i’m a christian i’m a pagan i’m a buddhist you’re setting up an identity and you have to then obey all of the rules that you attribute to it in fact you then subscribe to groups into people based upon that and you immediately limit your perception of the other probabilities and then you wonder why you feel disconnected or you’re not finding what you want because who and what you are is far greater than anyone’s singular identity hence why the shamans of all practice the great art of shape-shifting and the great art of shape-shifting is the one in where we are consciously able to reconstruct self and as such in order to do this we need the powers of both the positive tree and the negative tree the powers of hell and destruction and negative thinking to question and destroy and break down the old molds that no longer serve till they are burned purified and cleared in the fires of hell and then celebrated again in the forces of heaven where i can force and purify these energies of the two sides of the tree the one that is associative or christ-like and the one that is disassociated or antichrist both of them show me the similar principles of alchemy the idea of for me to get to the greatest quality the essential value of a thing i must first separate from it there is a conscious separation and in this separation there is a conscious purification that has to happen a burning pure benefit and only then is it then reintegrated at a more matured and refined level this can be seen as basically as at the level of our habits you see we may be going oh this and that and the other and deep spirits and angels but we forget that everything happens at multiple tears and levels and truth fundamental truth is true at every single level of manifestation in other words it’s true at the astral and deep you know magical spiritual realms it is in the pure psychological and biological realms and in fact if it is not then there is pause for question we need to look at the relevance of these ideas in our day-to-day life if we are to achieve any measure of success inside of the craft and we need to step away from the wishful thinking that is nothing more than impatience that has been shrouded the incumbent people have you know assaulted their products with on the internet and we’re all guilty that we all do it because it is what works but the question is this do we keep doing what the niche wants do we keep finding what people need and keep filling those needs or do we purify ourselves kill ourselves and our own addictions to these things and then actively begin to lead people again by leading ourselves and not just by filling quick niches and quick moments and quick passing trends now certainly that has a value for business but we live in a society that’s overwhelmed the truth of the matter is that most minds are not this evolved they don’t have the point of focus they don’t sit every day an hour or 30 minutes of meditation to cultivate the focus of the mind to not be stimulated or moved to be slaves of their senses these were the all principles of occultism in magic the symbolism of the mind being as a chariot run run around by wild horses the horses being these saints’s this journey within was symbolic and rich and it is relevant in our society today more than it has ever been before i loved an example of tony robbins where he has to explain to people why he uses swear words in some of his seminars and he explains it very nicely and there’s even one where he has chloe madonna’s a noted psychotherapist you know explaining it in more detail but it basically boils down to it like this people will hear an idea and the second they do they suddenly switch off because they’ve heard the idea before so even though this may be the correct interpretation of the idea or may give them a new distinction of the concept it doesn’t matter because the brain is lazy because it has to manage the energetic resources in case there’s a threat it exposes the least amount so it switches off and it starts to just run these internal processes it’s ritual because it knows what the person is going to say before they’ve said that now you’ve been guilty of that before and so have i this is not something that simple awareness of it takes away it’s how we operate at a level but this is what it is to be unconscious to be asleep in napoleon he’ll think and grow rich which most people know about we also don’t hear much spoken from his later book the one that was published only later after his death which is outwitting the devil in which in his quote-unquote interview with the devil so to speak he asks what the big trap is in this devil character in this story says it is when people go to sleep it is when we’re unconscious in other words every time you run an automatic ritual you’re unconscious in the beginning of our podcast i introduce you to a friend of mine mr wake and he a professional hypnotist will attest to the same principle that any street hypnotist or master hypnotist understands to notice and look for when people go into these unconscious processes where they go asleep at the wheel and they run the cue they already know what you’re gonna say and they think this is a defense mechanism or they’re empowered by this but the catch is they’re running an unconscious process as such they’ve become unconscious and if somebody’s unconscious they are suggestible a simple interruption of that pattern opens the mind to suggestibility and this is something that they don’t realize this is why becoming conscious is so important and this is what this message of the tree of life and death is about this is why i refer to this as the way of the heart the middle way and even though by traditional definitions this will still be referred to as the left hand thinking fundamentally there is no left hand right hand this is another form of the hallucination of duality now duality has value you see for me to achieve great sexual attraction in my partnerships i must be able to demonstrate my polarity my masculinity and contrast to my partner’s femininity whatever your interpretation of those things may be otherwise there’s no duality means there’s no attraction the attraction however is the result of love is also effective when there’s love that’s when i have really deep meaningful things this is the difference between what leads to conflict and what leads to relationship that love though is the result of unity the attraction is the result of duality or in fact separation it’s the clear things where we are different you see both are necessary and the interpretative model is the problem many of these authors and these initial idealists had to describe portions of the brain and functions and degrees of human experience and you know value that was so far outside of the range of the technology and the information that was available at the time that the language of art was the only one available and we will dive more deeply into these meanings inside of art to help illustrate these concepts to you in up-and-coming episodes i think you will find a great value in one of my up-and-coming guests as we dive deep into this very specific subject but before i’m before i get too ahead of myself let’s bring this home if you go into a beautiful relationship or a beautiful journey and that ends maybe it’s someone you love and they died maybe they betrayed you maybe something bad happens some people will just tell you get over it and they’ll just go oh there’s this little phase and you’re done with it now when people look at the stages of grief they go oh there’s these serious stages that we have to go to there’s denial there’s anger and then there’s self-acceptance whichever the model is that you’re kind of working with at the time now even if you look fundamentally at the journey of the darker side of the tree and we talk about the seven hells or the seven dark sides of the chakras these are the same thing there is the land that had where all the dead were burned there is the shadow there is the coming of death and the shadow of death which is the same as when you’re entering that space of that relationship when it’s done you knew the trouble was there then the death kind of comes and then there’s the lingering of the death you know you’re still there you don’t want to let go and then there is the ruin the hell of ruin which is where you’re stuck in the ruin then there’s the hull of boiling which is the burning that’s when you’re stewing inside of it and the rage kind of goes even worse and then there’s abaddon you know which is the you know the hell as well as the the arc demon of destruction and annihilation this is when the version of you because this is why we suffer we suffer because a portion of us is still stuck in that past relationship with our past experience and it needs to be liberated and the only way is going to be liberated is through abaddon through the destroyer through the absolute and total destruction of those parts that are still latched on there it’s only when i destroy it completely that i enter the final how the shell to helm the te hum being again the dragon it is that moment when my kundalini my sexuality which is my identity that was stuck in that lip that relate that relationship that journey that past experience is fully liberated and becomes the serpent power that’s then where i’m at this top part of the tree of life where moloch and satan are battling in other words where i get the extreme of my duality activated again and i go away from that because this is the problem many people don’t make that part of the journey they don’t make it all the way through for a transmutation they don’t fully die from the old limit itself because this is what this journey represents this reincarnative journey of unity of birth or or desire unity or sex and then death or transmutation they simply get stuck on it but we can’t you see that’s what the dark side of the tree kind of shows us it’s when i enter the dark side of the tree where i’m looking through these divisions of the seven hulls which can be seen as this even contrasts or negative aspects of the chakras as well it can also be um organizers for the groups of the of the tree as well of the fallen tree the same way as the chakras are the seven heavens are for the positive side of the tree this journey even that jesus goes through from bethlehem or house of bread all the way until kakata placed in the skull this journey of the serpent power through the seven domains if you think about it when i am separating from that when i’m going through that transition i’m entering into i’m in nama nama being the house very much of lilith is the clipper it is the domain in which i perceive my addiction to the material world and then through that i enter into allele which is also the blood of the moon and it’s the unconscious and the subconscious in other words it is me getting to the part where this has actually become biologically wired into me where my body has become so addicted and it’s only then that i enter into samaya which is the bridge of madness and through that madness that’s where i kind of lose it’s depression it’s the anger it’s the rage it’s the lack of belief in the faith and it’s literally those old neurons that are burning down rigidly breaking apart so i can move into the next stage which is the awakening of the warrior the warrior lover this is the places up the negative initiations where i see the benefits of lust and suffering as magnetic forces the difference here is that the one wallows in it and the other one is liberated by it it’s the same difference as the heathen that goes to war and challenges and says come at me because through what i achieved glory versus the other one going oh please please i’m sorry let me let me not you know please forgive me i’ll be humble you know make it make it go away make the pain go away we understand biologically what’s happening at that level and no matter how many people will try and tell you it’s okay to be a slave like that it’s not you know because when you do when you give up like that there’s enough medical science now that shows us how you’re actually creating illness in your body deepak chopra refers to in a talk where certain individuals going down a little roller coaster ride the one interpreted as pure ecstasy releases a kind of drug that is used to find a form of cancer and gives himself a six-month supply of something where it takes a few thousand dollars just for a single dose whereas the one that interprets it as fear literally produces cancerous cells inside of their body you see our attitude determines our reality these maps these models of the tree of life worth just that and many people have misinterpreted these things from various vantage points and i’m not saying it’s wrong i’m not saying that you can’t find the spiritual magnetic in these entities inside of them but i am saying that if you can’t get the core practice at play and at home then none of the other stuff is going to matter if you can’t master the elements within yourself how do you dare to imagine you could master the ones outside of you if you cannot master the archangels and the arc demons within your own being within your own psyche within your own tree of life’s journey your own hero’s journey how do you dare to even comprehend the idea that you could even make contact with the ones outside or at that deeper layers of consciousness when you’re still barriered at the level of your own subconscious mind you must liberate yourself first before you can liberate the others and this means liberating yourself from the symbols by doing your own research and asking not if it’s interesting or beautiful but what is the practical meaning of it inside of your own life many people look out to various cultures today that are channeling transmissions from a lot of these higher intelligences we forget that these are just shamans you know they were just people that transmitted the information you have a choice you can be the shaman you can be the warrior in the magician the magician is the one that takes this information and goes and does something of meaning with it versus the one that just you know lives in that her delusion you know thinking that they are already there no you are not already there the transmission has come through the light is descended down your very many layers and now it’s up to you to burn in hell to fight your way through hell to slay the dragon like cigarette and drink its blood and then from there on rise with the vision that is in your heart and bring it into the world to be magi is to be one committed to the vision within thy heart and that means to invoke both the powers of heaven and both the powers of hell now you have a better bit of a better understanding of where that starts it starts within you it starts within understanding these archetypes and their roles and these fear offs within your own psyche and how you are unconsciously projecting them and to not be afraid anymore but to recognize that anything that takes you from your absolute present now is a slave program and you cannot call yourself spiritually awakened as long as you are falling asleep at the wheel of one of these other tears now it doesn’t mean jump all the way into the darkest side of the tree because there’s a reason that hierarchy exists there’s no point in invoking the most advanced destructive forces of the psyche if you have nothing in there yet you have not even discovered the thing to direct that power at it is in the hands of an expert chemist that ergot became a cure and a pain solution as well as a really good drug yet for those that were ignorant of it it led them to absolute madness and made the church believe in the possession of demons that ravaged the land you know they didn’t follow what they do termed the faith we have been victims of ignorance and people have this idea that they can cloud occultism inside of the same thing but that is not what it is cultism simply meant secret or secret science specifically occult science this is make no mistake a fundamental science of the soul but it is not a science purely in the interpretation of modern science scientific method it is the achievement of technology the hidden technology the technology of art of science of business of social ecological and spiritual development and all of them together the question is how will you unite these components of your life because if you’re only out in your temple you do not get it because the cult of today is our corporations and you can be a victim of these things or you can build a better one the covens that are mastermind groups so build a better coven you know use the technology that we have evolved recognize the gods for where they are today mercury is the internet jupiter is business as a whole soul is the family in the medical industry we need to recognize these gods for where they are and become true priests the true priest of today is not some person dressed in weird robes the true priest is one who has exceeded mastery they’ve done their ten thousand hours of mastery they’ve learned everything about the crops and the technologies of the days we live in and then they’ve reached the next stage of artistry and then they’ve become only priests after that you become a priest when you’ve exceeded the stage of an artist and for you to do that you must have mastered the tree of life and death within you because these are the tools by which we destroy our attachments and establish healthier attachments by maturing our fundamental aspects of our psyche again and again piece by piece because then you understand you are the lord of lies as the title they gave the devil which is simple maya the illusion with the hindus referred to this world a lie means you’re a lord of the lie you’re no longer subject or a victim of reality you’re prince of darkness which means you’ve understood the effects of nero melanin and its effects on dark matter and dark energy you’re familiar with these ideas and your impact on creating and influencing reality yet at the same time you are one with god and you’re not how arrogant you don’t have hubris inside of this because you recognize the most important part of this regards of [ __ ] you know gods of anuses you know as much as we have divine power inside of ourselves we still have mechanisms that need a [ __ ] we still have fundamental biological animalistic needs you know give up being holy and instead settle for being whole i’m adam knox and i hope you enjoyed today’s episode and remember to live deliciously i’ve always felt a little different a little uneasy between regular [ __ ] a bit of a dreamer a lost cause a little non-ordinary some would say i think i’ve always just been this way my mother said i was special my father thought i should be feared but i knew that witchcraft coursed through my veins the first time i tasted the lips of the goddess inside the right yes i’m a witch it’s true and sure we are the ones who believe in the beauty of nature who believe in the things science absent of art cannot explain who instead of religion would have romance and sure you may think we have lost our way when in the world of predictable things we have such unfamiliar things that we would like to say but maybe in a world so cold and alone a little unfamiliar is exactly what is needed to show us the way home hey family it’s adam knox here thanks for supporting this podcast and you know these ideas i really appreciate free thinkers you know like yourselves that are willing to challenge conventional norms and think for themselves and take on new challenges and look at new ideas and as such i want to say that if you haven’t yet if you are looking at ways to improve your knowledge over the entire field and you’re looking at a you know regular feed of ideas and concepts to keep improving yourself i’d like to invite you to sign up at the cult of you all my teachings and all my ideas are there for only 19 a month and every month i bring you a completely new section of some of the most cutting ideas and i’m constantly adding to that so i’m constantly reviewing and adding more knowledge as i gain them and you’ll see a lot of the interviews and a lot of things that i do extend on some of the subjects that i cover inside of those areas i do take quite a bit of effort to make sure the forming is also quite good and to give you not just a demonstration of rituals but also talk you through the psychology behind them so that you’re empowered to do them and i cover every subject under the sun from science to art to magic to all the different systems out there from the golden dawn to the western trade of the western traditions to the lithian path traditions we discuss technology and technomancy we discuss sex magic and seduction we discuss so much more from purely the mental aspects to how do you deal with the darkness when it comes up as well as how do you take those things into business and into your romantic life as well as what are the keys to make your magic work as well as to unlock different degrees of spirituality so if you haven’t yet please consider signing up at theculterview and you’ll be able to send me a mail and message there and i’ll be there to help you your personally through mail correspondence and chat you and guide you through the entire process and if you make it through the first year of the entire cycle and you graduate the second year of the program you’re able to have direct sessions with myself and some of the members of my temple and i look forward to helping you whether you go that route or not please keep enjoying these podcasts please share them with people that you think there are they’re going to find value of them like and subscribe to the show and please send me your messages to info at the cult of you i would love to hear what are things that are important to you what are ideas and concepts that this raised maybe this inspired you maybe this you know made sense to you maybe this opened up something i’d love to hear that please talk to me and please share with me write in the comments and give me your ideas and concepts if you’re watching this on the youtube channel if you’re not if you’re only watching this on the youtube channel please head on over to spotify and do subscribe and if you’re listening to this in spotify go check us out on youtube but please share this share these ideas and these concepts and let’s let’s have a conversation i’d love to hear from you that’s it for me i’m adam knox this is the cult of you and remember live deliciously you


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