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The Immunology of curses and possession

hey there Sinners
it’s Adam Nox and welcome to another episode of The Cult of you
possession, curses scary crap out there um or is it there’s been a lot of funny little comments on different forums and groups that I’ve had the you know great privilege to enjoy and I’ve watched how people’s own paranoia end up ends up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy for them in today’s episode I want to tackle the subject of physician and spirits and I’m not just speaking from an intellectual place I’m speaking from a place of experience and I’m going to tell you a little bit about my journey and some of my things that happened to me and how I overcame them and the insights that I gleaned from that and how these are useful resources and tools that you may utilize to immunitize yourself against both factors setback relax and remember live deliciously foreign [Music] [Music] like many others I grew up in an environment which was right with religious propaganda I remember some of the most ridiculous stories ever growing up stupid ideas that in some parts of this world still persist still today ideas like you shouldn’t do meditation or yoga because that invites the devil in fact I remember friends of mine who were personal trainers and instructors that wanted to introduce yoga to simple Hatha Yoga to gems and the gyms not allowing them to do so because some of the people that went there were so religiously confused that they believed in just having yoga at their gym would invite the devil into their midst it’s funny though the unfortunate way of this and how much damage it causes psychologically and physically to people and this is why it’s so important that this rubbish gets eliminated and here is why I’m going to tell you a little bit of a personal story today and it was one that happened to me when I was very young I was about 16 at the time of it and I grew up as a typical kind of goth metal head kid into gangs and rebellious things and you know a little bit of uh a bad boy so to speak even though my my mother was good intentioned I was just you know a rebel from the start and I suppose trying to find myself in that process exploring different advantages of occult books and picking up everything I could read before having the benefit and the privilege of proper training and education and initiation even though I was starting my journey and I was getting into it this was the early part of my experience and I wasn’t very clued up on most of the different things and it was very soon in that process where I started meeting other people and exploring different things and at one point I got to work with someone who I perceived as a light worker I’ve had a conversation on this show with JS Gareth talking about the danger of light workers and I want to explore that now quite a bit this individual highlighted that a lot of the issues that I was facing was because I was demonically possessed being young and impressionable I didn’t know any better she pointed out how different issues and problems in my life was proof of curses and proof of demonic possession I had a simple right-hand psychology at that point so I’d like the idea of being demonically possessed and feeling that these forces had control over me and it was very quickly that I started noticing them they started affecting me and attacking me and having these events and I then went through the process of an exorcism exorcism was an enduringly painful process both psychologically and physically on my body and it pushed out a pretty much a hotel of different entities because as she got rid of one demon the next one would showed up an Iowa’s Legion so to speak um and she exercised this entire hotel and I was in a very dramatic event and very traumatic event if I could rather say so and I left there feeling light and good in a relatively positive although brutalized to State and I went home and it wasn’t shortly after that that all of this came back and it came back worse a lot worse so bad that I turned away from what I was practicing in the magical cultures and traditions and I ran to family into the closest Christian church because I needed to exercise the demon um and I remember going there and sitting in these prayer circles and these prayer groups and how the priests and things would say that they see these demons and these chains of hell and all this stuff around me keep in mind I didn’t practice left hand path at that point in my life um in fact I was the guy going I think we should send lad to all those evil satanists out there they need the load not exactly but you get my drift um I had that hallucination of duality of good versus evil that was real for me at that time in my psychology I kept going to that religious gathering and people inside of the religious gathering considered me to be a prophet and the reason they considered me a prophet is because try as much as I could I couldn’t switch it off you know I would sit in their circles and in their prayer circles and then they’re singing and going into a trance from this experience I would see this man standing on the stage and then I would say it to somebody and they would go oh this is someone’s grandfather you’re a prophet you’re blessed by the Lord and it just get got worse and it got worse and it got worse and at one point I’m sitting there and this one is staring at me and I just stepped outside and I’m like I can’t deal I can’t deal I thought I was going into this to get help and it’s just getting worse I left I ran I was in the middle of an old town and I remember I ran for probably like four or five kilometers and I was frightened and I was in a horrible place and I just I couldn’t deal and I went back to the thing that I was trying to run away from which at the time was spiritualism I thought that spiritualism my practice of spiritualism my practice in the occult was the thing that was making me you know being affected by these things and going through this trauma and this drama and all the stuff and now they’re out to get me and I went and I sat in the circle I just moved into the group because I had nowhere else that I could go clearly this exorcisms and prayers and things and things was not working was making it worse I sat down and for the first time I felt calm and I remember something that someone said to me before I ran away from all of that before everything started getting extreme they said to me Adam it’s you and I was like no it’s not me it’s the devil and they’re like no no it’s it’s you’re you’re the devil it’s it’s all none of that made sense to me I didn’t put it together at the time and I sat there and there was a remember there was a gentleman sitting in the left-hand corner of the room and I I looked at him and as I looked at him I saw him draped in Black and at first I was like oh it’s the evil and then I just let me let me just go with it and I just felt it and I breathed it and as I breathed it I saw a Graham Hancock book and I saw a bit of light come through and I figure what if this is all just symbolic what if this is my mind trying to interpretate energy how about I give up this good and evil demons and Naval stuff for just a moment as I did the anxiety dissipated and I kept looking at this individual I kept breathing and then when we finished the meditation they said did anybody have any messages and I said well you know what I’m just gonna I’m crazy probably anyway or I’m gonna house let me just say whatever is in my mind because who cares anymore and I looked at this guy I’m like listen I just I just want to say I see this black around you and I see this a lot and I see this Graham Hancock book and in my mind that means you’re busy studying books like that you’re busy researching this uh but you just get an idea and the second you get this idea access the like meant to me um you start rationalizing it and your old habits kind of come back because now it’s all the black kind of mean to me and he stood there he was astonished just like how the heck did you know exactly what book I was reading because I I still mentioned the book and the title to him I was like oh I don’t know and I went I suddenly realized that what I was what was happening to me was not that I was being attacked or being demonically possessed or anything like that that demonic position was the result of my beliefs and me turning that my practice in Magic because at that point I was practicing you know the Hermetic system of the Golden Dawn I was practicing banishing rituals I was working through the Michael Donald Craig books I’ve just completed an entire station just traditional witchcraft it was now that I was coming into a practice where I was challenging my old religious indoctrination and being an impressionable child when you when somebody says to you oh this is this and this is a principle of hypnotism in hypnotism I can use relationship to induce hypnotic States and create hypnotic Loops in the brain if I go oh you’re showing this symptom there’s this symptom you probably have covert your brain’s gonna go oh crap I’ve got covert and you’re suddenly going to make evidence your reticular information is going to activate and you’re going to see it everywhere in your world and you’re going to attract more of it because now you’re drawn to it and now you’re going to make it more real that’s what was happening to me you see I had this false Doctrine because of my you know upbringing and then when there was certain just mishaps and the fact of the matter is I was just a teenager doing drugs occasionally partying too much so my life just wasn’t good because I grew up in a bad place That Was Then easy for somebody that probably meant well but also operated from a lesser educated frame to go oh this is in their mind a demon this is in their mind of course this is in their mind this and because I was young and impressionable my brain accepted the same links it was like oh that explains the pain that explains the loneliness that explains this that explains that that’s why I can’t not because I just haven’t developed the discipline but you know it’s an easy the brain will take the path of least resistance oh this and this makes sense it literally is that simple if I give you an idea from three different Vantage points your brain goes oh it must be true if I tell you oh did you know um monkeys are actually you get a pink breed of monkeys you go you’re just full of crap and then you go and you suddenly see a newspaper report oh all there’s there’s this new breed of pink monkeys or there’s a breed of pink monkeys and then you’re out at a bar and somebody says to you hey man have you seen this if you’ve seen those pink monkeys you just go oh no no but I’ve read about it and then someone asked you like next in the comics of a conversation are you accepted as a possible reality that’s true of absolutely anything and this is how we start producing realities of personal realities and that’s just it I perceive these things in my world as good versus evil and that I was vulnerable and as such I then opened myself to it and they started happening in my life these were aspects of my own infinite self that were being fragmented and as a result I got fragmented more and more because now I was judging parts of my own nature and I was creating more psychic dissonance and that’s what was causing the pain in my psyche not some Demon torturing me or any rubbish like that none of that actually happens in in reality it’s just self-induced you know the same way cancer exists in your body in a dormant State and the only way it comes to fruition is when you offer it a supportive ecosystem when this poor blood circulation poor oxygenation in your cells this thing creates an environment for that to kind of come forward the same thing with demonic positions and curses and negative manifestations or you know persons positions in a negative way it’s the result of us creating that psychic environment by buying into narratives that don’t support us you see then I started working with this energy and I stopped judging and I realized those narratives you know it wasn’t until later on in life that I was able to kind of really break free from a lot of the other indoctrinations that kept me in a reality where I was the victim of these things and I mean victim of these things I mean because I was open to the idea of being cursed in the idea of being possessed and the idea of these things it was very simple for someone to just use a few words and put me in that state it was very simple for somebody just put that energy out there doing the ritual and my psyche picking it up because we’re all connected via entanglement and then me doing the rest of the work I get a bad feeling I go oh something bad happened someone’s cursed me instead of recognizing my power as a magician as a sorcerer and going like oh this is a frequency I don’t like it I’m gonna change it and systematically developing a new psychology a new model of reality that liberated me from those things you see when I started doing that something interesting happened as I was practicing Clairvoyance and mediumism at the time as a spiritualist I realized that I kept seeing this one black figure coming in which I thought oh this was the demon as I dealt with my issues a result of my negative thinking and my belief of good versus evil God versus the devil and all this rubbish indoctrination and I was I came to the philosophy that fundamentally everything is a manifestation of the Eternal self which some would refer to as God some would refer to as the iron or whatever your your fundamental interpretation is of it the Dao and because I had that fundamental interpretation and I was open and not fearful because I was open and not fearful and you might kind of you know okay I’ll talk a bit more about that in an up-and-coming piece but what happened is I was able to perceive the full range of the experience it’s the same thing as if you get into a fight if you’re in a fight and you’re freaked out you’re nervous you’re kind of the person hasn’t just moving you’re already flinching you’re really closing yourself off to information you’re not praising if you’re present you can see that punch coming and you can do something about it versus being in reaction where you just can’t you shut off now the same thing happened that shift happened because my psychology shifted and suddenly I saw this dark demonic figure that was over me was actually when I was afraid my past over grandmother’s Spirit was trying to come in and hug me but that energy coming through Dark Matter coming through the material energy coming closer to me because of hurricane statement density made me perceive it as that and I just shot off from the rest of the information it’s literally like a negative like a photograph negative that was underdeveloped but the second I could relax and I could give it the right energy of our judgment and fear it suddenly turned into hey Grandma oh thank you you’ve been there all along spirit’s been here I’m actually supported the universe is not an evil dark place my beliefs change when my beliefs changed my health started to improve my energy because my psychic environment started to improve suddenly positive things started showing up in my life suddenly my quote unquote spells and Magic actually started working showing me results because I was no longer causing resistance you see when I was practicing sex magical I was practicing something I started getting positive results because I wasn’t getting shame attached to my practice I wasn’t having this fear of who am I doing something bad you know Associated to my practice when I did that inner clearing I became immune to demonic positions I could practice mediumism and invoked any entity any forces in my body when I was done I was done and here’s why because here’s how possession works position starts with a possession if you start obsessing about something you can’t think about it you can’t stop thinking about it that means you’ve lost control over it that means it’s an unconscious narrative or story or an unresolved need within your psyche that is there and this is why even in the old Russian christianary magic tradition and the rituals of the of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn there’s a statement I’m The Exorcist in the midst of the exorcism that means when you change it all changes you see the spirit or the frequencies can only match you when there is Rapport the people in your life right now are a mirror of your frequency you know I’m sorry to say but that’s the truth if you’re getting curses and bad positions and bad things you’re the problem not the other people and as much it may suck to hear that because it sucked for me to recognize that it’s the truth it’s only until you change you your identity your vibration that those things stop having you’ve got to stop giving it an environment for it to grow that’s how it works you’ll see the same thing with mediums begin their training and Clairvoyance and you begin to training of mirror gazing what you’ll see when you begin mirror gazing is I’ve always felt a little different a little uneasy between regular a bit of a dreamer a lost cause a little non-ordinary sword say I think I’ve always just been this way my mother said I was special my father thought I should be fair but I knew that witchcraft course through my veins the first time I tasted the lips of the Goddess Inside the Rain yes I’m a witch it’s true and sure we are the ones who believe in the beauty of nature who believe in the things science absent of art cannot explain who instead of religion would have Romance and sure you may think we have lost our way we’re in the world of predictable things we have such unfamiliar things that we would like to say but maybe in a world so cold and alone a little unfamiliar is exactly what is needed to show us the way home is what reflects within you you see when I started with that I was looking in the mirror and I would see for example this would look like a pirate but without the patches this black hole in his eyes one Spirit kept coming through manifestation where you know whatever linguistic you want to utilize you know to describe these events and it kept coming through until I realized that it had a rapport it was in match vibrational match with me and it was me that reflected that I had the same qualities I was unable to see Within Myself I was unable to look Within Myself now again whether you consider this the subconscious on a communicate or the unconscious or Spirit again that’s a that’s that’s something that’s better explained when you understand the map of occultism and you can get past these you know misconceptions but fundamentally that force that energy that quality was maintaining itself in my energetic field as a result of me maintaining that behavior it was the moment I started being willing to look at my own internal narratives because I was looking at myself not just the other you know I wasn’t just looking outside I would now look outside and inside and go oh what am I doing what’s my that’s when that Spirit moved away once I resolved that that entity had no rapport with me and it’s the same thing about all of them if there’s negative forces around you in your life they’re there because they can attach to your vibration because you feel sorry for yourself you know I’m sorry to say that but this is the truth if you have a victim mentality then energies and forces that match that you know are going to be attracted to it they’re gonna find connection to it and you’re gonna and that’s gonna add to your thought processes and that then leads to Obsession and that then leads to possession so you can stop possession and you can end position by changing your psychic attachment you don’t need an exorcist you can be your own therapist and as such Release Yourself from that level now yes in the magical cultures we go to Mere more advanced tears and there’s more higher levels there but it’s the same thing as the philosophy of hacking you know if you’re just you know Johnny two stones um putting up a website no serious hackers really going to care about you if you’re a major bank and you’re putting major energy investment then you might get the attention of you know a hacking group or if you’re a government or something like that the same thing’s kind of true when it actually comes to the realm of curses and positions and things like that most of these little wannabe things that are flung at you really only affect you if you are simply that open and that week in fact you know the common cold will probably kill you anyway um simply because you’re that vulnerable to something to some Pro propaganda now I’m not saying you’re like that you know we all have weaknesses in our psyche I mean I had massive ones if you’ve just heard but we need to reinforce ourselves we need to transform ourselves because that’s the thing that you recognize when you start going through those things when I started realizing this I started going into the mirror and looking at the spirits and going into feeling what negative energies within I asked myself what Within Me is opening this this is the old hakuhuna philosophy you know if there’s a tornado in the land the hakahuna doesn’t go oh there’s a tornado he goes like where’s the tornado within me and he goes to work and shifting that and as a result you know the environment changes and the same is true as to win so about As Above So Below stop taking this victim mentality of that everything and everyone can harm you and hurt you because if you do you’re going to open yourself up to that harm now I’m not saying be stupid be aware of what you’re working with but do the inner work you know a professional martial artist recognizes if they’re going to compete with a higher competing a competitor they’re going to go and they’re going to put in the training they’re going to get themselves ready for that fight but they’re not going to immediately give up in their psychology and make themselves vulnerable for defeat the same thing is important here the types of people that can truly swing powerful forces have no interest in doing so it’s the same as the added martial artist that can really perform these things he’s not the one that starts the fight in fact he’s the one that’s the last one to do it you know it’s the ones that can’t those are the ones that are throwing it around you know because they’re trying to bring that vavada because they’re compensating and the same thing is true in the magical cultures anybody that’s out there going like oh I’m gonna I’m gonna do this that’s really sweet but for the most of it you know they’re just angry kids in Mom’s basement you know real ad apps that really have these abilities have no interest because they’ve done the inner work on themselves and they’re beyond this the emotional rubbish you know it’s the same as the simple old mentality where they’re trying to take dog and God you know your choice of which was more accurate um and then bring it down to a personality human level versus recognizing it’s in all of us and everything it’s not limited to an ego um so it’s not offended when you masturbate um or when you do something wrong because you’re doing the absolute best you can with the tools you’ve got it’s like those are all perversions and misinterpretations of original text and it’s important to educate ourselves I had to go on a very long journey to really study in fact I studied the Bible and it’s many different formats I studied the Quran I studied almost every single religion out there so I could resolve these false narratives in my story and that’s become part of my teachings today you may not have to do that but you have to do the work if there’s indoctrination been in you at some level if there’s unhealed parts of you the thing that’s going to prevent all these things is just doing that work you see because if you’re in a debate with somebody and you’re not emotionally reacting to the debate you’ve already won because there’s no matter what they say it just bounces off of you you’re the one as Richard bandler always said he who feels the best always wins and that’s the same truth here if you are tuned to different vibrations that’s it this is part of the power of true lift empath psychology when I finally was mature enough psychically to enter the left hand path I suddenly could see these demons in these forces as the representative archetypes of these quote unquote negatives but my relationship with them was no longer in the mature it was now in the mature and I could see myself in the benefit I now when I worked with a belong or balance above I was the Lord of illness in other words I was no longer the victim of illness means I was no longer feeling disease coming into my body and going like oh I’m the victim I need to get better I was going I’m the Lord of this I’m the master of this this is my body I’m in control and as such my illnesses were a lot more reduced my pain and my suffering was a lot more reduced and I was able to manage it a lot better because I wasn’t approaching it as a victim as such I could do something about I could be proactive about it there’s other opportunities and things that open up as we started work out with these more advanced Shadow Dimensions of the self but one of the core fundamental philosophies of the economical Traditions that all things are manifestations of the fundamental self we do not mean the ego or simply the personality we mean the Transcendence of you know the part of me that is within you which is within all the trees which many Mystics would have called the Dao the fundamental God you know whatever you want to choose the dragon it doesn’t matter what your terminology is that entangled Quantum field that connects every single one of us that zero point we’re all that and if you’re all that that means all these angels demons they’re all parts of you so technically we’re all possessed Anyway by everything and everyone the thing is is where do we lock ourselves in through the process of identification and that’s the result of these narratives and stories so when we change the narratives and stories we change the spells that have been caused upon us and we start consciously costing new spells over ourselves new narratives new stories into our world into our ideals through the practice of our art we begin to take charge of our lives and we free ourselves from the victim mentality and we stop being slaves to all other people’s doctrines that are outmoded and died and were able to finally be a slave or devotee to the only philosophy that matters and that’s the one in our own Hearts because god or goddess with the dragon is within and we need to be true to us it was the moment that I realized that you know the universe is not playing dice who the moment I realized that you know God wouldn’t lead me to all this great Enlightenment and great wisdom and great ideas just so he could say ah got you I need to go now the moment I gave up this evil rubbish you know Christian War Ministry philosophy I could see the Divine uh supportive and as loving and that every part of my journey was guided and the moment I changed that and I started seeing the universe as a good place a supportive place became one if you want to live deliciously it starts by having a psychology and a philosophy that is delicious that is whole that says everything you want is available for you and that you’re good enough for all of it because you are all of it and then you can see all these parts of your life and you realize oh they aren’t good or evil they’re just aspects of you that’s in the immature and that needs to be matured and as you go through that alchemical process you come into the intimacy the unity within yourself that religion was supposed to do religion and its Latin root is a religary to reconnect you know it’s one interpretation for it reconnect with you reconnect with you in the light and the dark and see these aspects where they are and mature them because your Kali can be the destructive force or she can become the goddess of time that helps you orchestrate and master music uh Linguistics foam all that because they all are subject to time I hope this has been useful for you I hope you’ve taken some good ideas and if you’ve enjoyed today’s discussion if you’ve got some thoughts please give me a comment give me a like you know all the stuff um or send me an email to info at the calls might be happy to answer your questions we’re in this together all of us it’s not about whose religion or tradition is right it’s about how do we create a better world together for our children and for those that are still here foreign it’s Adam Knox here thanks for supporting this podcast and you know these ideas I really appreciate free thinkers you know like yourselves that are willing to challenge conventional norms and think for themselves and take on new challenges and look at new ideas and as such I want to say that if you haven’t yet if you are looking at ways to improve your knowledge over the entire field and you’re looking at a you know regular feed of ideas and Concepts to keep improving yourself I’d like to invite you to sign up at the cult of you all my teachings and all my ideas are there for only 19 a month and every month I bring you a completely new section of some of the most cutting ideas and I’m constantly adding to that so I’m constantly reviewing and adding more knowledge as I gain them and you’ll see a lot of the interviews and a lot of things that I do extend on some of the subjects that I cover inside of those areas I do take quite a bit of effort to make sure the foaming is also quite good and to give you not just a demonstration of rituals but also talk you through the psychology behind them so that you’re empowered to do them and I cover every subject Under the Sun from science to Art to Magic to all the different systems out there from the Golden Dawn to the Western to the of the western Traditions to the left-hand path traditions we discuss technology and technomancy we discuss Sex Magic and seduction we discuss so much more from purely the mental aspects to how do you deal with the darkness when it comes up as well as how do you take those things into business and into your romantic life as well as what are the keys to make your magic work as well as to unlock different degrees of spirituality so if you haven’t yet please consider signing up at the cultiview and you’ll be able to send me a mail and message there and I’ll be there to help you you’re personally through male correspondence and chat you and guide you through the entire process and if you make it through the first year of the entire cycle and you graduate the second year of the program you’re able to have direct sessions with myself and some of the members of my temple and I look forward to helping you whether you go that route or not please keep enjoying these Park cars please share them with people that you think there are they’re going to find value of them like And subscribe to the show and please send me your messages to info at the cult of you I would love to hear what are things that are important to you what are ideas and Concepts that this raised maybe this inspired you maybe this you know made say against you maybe this opened up something I’d love to hear that please talk to me and please share with me write in the comments and give me your ideas and Concepts if you’re watching this on the YouTube channel if you’re not if you’re only watching this on the YouTube channel please head on over to Spotify and do subscribe and if you’re listening to this in Spotify go check us out on YouTube but please share this share these ideas and these Concepts and let’s let’s have a conversation I’d love to hear from you that’s it from me I’m Adam Knox this is the cult of you and remember live deliciously foreign

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