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The Slave God

Hey sinners it’s adam nox

i want to tell you a story today one about how to kill a slave god and how i killed the slave god in my life and inside of the story i’m gonna tell you a journey that you may have heard before you’re gonna start to recognize how the same power has lived in your life now you can maybe at last be free from it or at least understand its nature and really give an answer to why this false argument in the left hand and the right hand powerful illusions at the same time i’ve also opened the platform more to some questions and starting from today at the end of each episode i’m going to answer the question to one of you that wrote in or that is answer to one of my requests online and if you by the way have anything that you’d like to ask drop me a mail at info at thecult.com and maybe i get to include your question in one of these episodes uh whether that is a question that you’ve got something that you’d like to learn personally or maybe even someone you’d like to see me bring on the show or subject there’s some really interesting things coming ahead myself and the team or the governor rather have decided to give a little bit more of a intellectual share and exploration of the dark side of the tree as well as the main tree and you’ll be able to see some of those features coming in as of during the course of the new month so do be on the lookout for that as well as another month full of jam-packed interviews and interesting ideas but today let’s talk about the mystery of the slave god and how to defeat him [Music] live my god [Music] so one of my favorite kind of arguments that i’m always amused at is this left hand right hand you know kind of path argument and in today’s episode there’s quite a lot of things that i’d like us to kind of explore but they were going to tie in quite beautifully around the idea of our personal development and the nature of the slave god and our battle with it so fundamentally the big difference in the view sits is that right hand paths are traditional religious viewpoints and left-hand path is anything is a violation of that you’ll even see the nature in the way the catholic approach is done for the cross versus the kabbalistic approach for the cross each starting or having a different pointing at a different shoulder when this is done and one of the fundamental premises is of this is because in the one theology man is unworthy of god and looks unto god seeing himself as this laser the sinner um and as such the tree of life itself is even reverse i’m speaking here specifically of the kabbalistic tree of life and its symbolisms yet in the magical traditions and pantheons we see the exact opposite the magi takes the tree of life within themselves and essentially tries to unlock the divine within themselves now based upon this understanding this basically means most of what we would call lots of people would argue in the magical and spiritual traditions as right-hand path being light-based traditions and left-hand part being dark-based traditions is completely incorrect by this fundamental premise because even light traditions try to unlock their divinity so news for you you’re all a bunch of heretics based upon the original context even those that so high and mighty put out their posts about you know stopping those in the left-hand path which are usually magicians you know which work uh her medic system or another light based system are in of themselves actually practicing a form of left hand path because they are trying to unlock the divine within and they see fundamentally that the potential of god is within and the purpose of even that system of initiation is to unlock that potential and to awaken to its full realization or the attainment of godhead you see the big fundamental catch though is or the big misconception actually comes from a completely different area and has nothing to do with these original or modern day ideas now a classic book to read in the area of sex magic is demons of the flesh and the author in there shares these viewpoints as well and that is that if we look at the roots of what is the original nathan path when we take this back to the old tantric narshida based traditions the original paths in this where we find very much the root of modern day yoga and practices like that in and of itself was simply because the woman was the one always on the left-hand side hence left-hand path in that sense actually really just meant any tradition that venerated the woman that’s it so your news for you if you’re a feminist you’re basically a left-hand practitioner and this is why this veneer of it has also been cloaked onto the path of witchcraft and magic and so many other areas because magic in itself is a feminine art and this is not necessarily meaning it is necessarily a woman in that sense it’s feminine in the sense of it is internal the subconscious mind is considered feminine so by that same token again if you practice any affirmations or any work on the subconscious mind guess you’re doing the same thing so most of these arguments of left hand or right hand path or good versus evil comes from a primitive mind and let me explain it this way the old notion is that the soul is always seeking salvation it’s always seeking heaven it’s trying to escape hell now remember the greek word for soul is psyche so your psyche and if we look at the principles of modern-day neuro-linguistic programming we look at behavioral sciences we will find very easily that the soul or psyche is consistently caught in a struggle of duality a struggle in which it perceives some things that it associates or moved towards as we say in nlp and something it’ll move away from or another term that was used for this and more primitive days is it’ll want to go into heaven aka a state of pleasure or bliss or it’ll want to avoid a state of pain or hell essentially that’s really what it boils down to this is not some end of the world thing this is a basis of human behavior or science the reason we make all the choices we do the reasons you choose a tradition or a culture that you do and you don’t choose another one is because you link more pleasure to the one and more pain to the other the reason you don’t do certain things is because you associate more pain to that thing and more pleasure to not doing the thing and this is literally what controls your behavior that’s why these are principles that depend on our that that determine our map or our experience of reality at such a fundamental level that their actualization has become mythic in its proportions campbell the author of hero a thousand faces and one of the greatest scholars of our time said that all religions are true in that the symbolism is true in other words the meaning is that if we look at these stories in a symbolic system we try to understand its deeper meaning instead of immediately attributing these supernatural qualities to it that’s when we actually start tapping into its mystery and we can get away from this bias because that’s that what there is there is this bias about my religion my path my tradition your tradition we see this even in the mystical traditions um i’m a you know wiccan i’m a witch i’m a satanist i am a christian luciferian whatever the attribute or title that you are holding up is also the victim of the same principle you see and this is where we come to understand actually for the first time who the slave god is now it is very common for this argument in this place is that where this let’s just say where this originates from a lot of its common translations for today comes out of the classic diabolical the diabolical was a channeled book a very small short book about 20 something or pages describing the battle in heaven and the fall of the fallen angels and inside of this lucifer becomes awakened in other words he becomes aware of his free will and the capacity of free will and it’s inside of that that the battle ensues when an angel that was the closest to this principle of god messiah basically doesn’t want mankind to have free will and basically the battle starts charges michael to cast lucifer out and there’s a whole thing about why there won’t be a battle again in the search outside of the influence of what is really the demiurge now in essence this is where the context kind of comes into because the story and the gnostic point of view of the garden of eden is very very different and offers us a different vantage point for which a different lanes through which we should look at these these ideas and this is one where the serpent sneaks or swears lucifer swears to come back into the garden to save man to free man and there’s this ideology that man is a slave man is um unaware unconscious of his potential of the seed of god of the godhead of the divinity of the infinite potential of this free will that exists within him and her and that is what then leads to the consuming of the tree of knowledge which brings about awareness but unfortunately out of awareness we also get the first duality shame and bliss it’s this first initial play that then brings forth the other dualities the other forms of pleasure and pain this thing falls creates the fall out of eden this fall we see in kabbalistic structure is the tree of life with da at in the center or at the top of the tree which then is the hidden sephiroth this hidden sephirah falls down and becomes a malkuth malkuf being the word for kingdom or translates as kingdom your malkuth is your current personal reality okay so you can think of it in simpler terms if you take this mythical thinking and you bring it down to practical life the moment you were born you were born in the kingdom of god quote unquote you were born in a state that was non-dual and as you then started to progress in life you started to differentiate you started to separate little bits and pieces you started to identify this is pain this is pleasure and not only did you do that in the world that you were going into but you did that within yourself because your sexuality your serpent started sneaking into the garden you know in order to liberate you because the serpent is also the sexual part and you were saying oh no no don’t touch there don’t do that that’s wrong that’s bad and you started having shame so you started holding up the flower quote unquote and you couldn’t face your god self your fundamental flow of nature and god here needs to be recognized it’s not necessarily the fundamental concept of the slave god but it is the fundamental principle of all things the word god was essentially never used in the original text we get god from the german hert that you know has its roots more in the nordic and the germanic traditions and a word still uses god got this god this power which is the fundamental principle of you know it can be equated very much to the taoist idea of the dha which is the way this fundamental essence in energy also then gets differentiated as we step further and further away from it as we fall out of the state of fundamental unity into more and more layers of duality and the way to understand this is that we are becoming more and more unconscious more separated and this is a principle in hypnotism in hypnotism if i want to put you into a hypnotic chance one of the things i may do there’s many things i can do but one of the things i may do is i may stop speaking to your your hand as if it is your hand i won’t say give me your hand i will say give me that hand and then i will say things like that hand does this or i would to use another term i would say your unconscious does this does that what i’m in fact doing is i am creating a deeper level of cognitive dissonance inside of your brain i’m creating another layer of separation from you and another part of you now our shame was the first degrees of separation this doesn’t mean you were perfect and here’s where the doctrines of manipulation comes in the doctrines of manipulation will tell you things like oh you must be again like a child that text is a little bit incomplete there you see when you were a child you were not perfect you were just not tainted that’s it you were raw potential that’s all you had the infinite potential of the divine within you you were not divine by and of itself you were as unaware as birds you know with little birds and this is the nature of the garden of eden when they fall they are all their unconscious they are asleep in that sense they are not aware of they’re not making the conscious decisions much the same way as birds in flight do not make their conscious decisions when they need to migrate and animals when it’s time to breed these are almost decisions being made for them at a group or a biological level there’s biological processes there’s fundamental processes of the planet there are at play here which is outside of their conscious range and this is where we find the key the slave god or what was referred to as yahweh is the one in which we are a slave to in fact we see his behavior pattern in the old testament as being very vengeful very moody very opinionated very much like an arrogant human being that feels more empowered or more you know privileged than they actually are why does it need worship why does it need all these various venerations and things like that the fact of the matter is that it already has the worship and allow me to explain that through the principle of the elements when the hebrew language is kind of defined there’s these the idea of the supernals the the mothers and the double letters these uh it’s broken down into three um supremos which is the aleph the mem and the shin which can be seen as the elemental and alchemical principles which also attribute to fire water and air and then we get out of that the seven which attributes again to the seven planets and we get the 12 which then attributes the 12 signs of the zodiac and we can go into endless correspondence and links to other 12 signs you know again linked to the 12 you know apostles and all of this kind of stuff here now jesus is another character and we’ll get to that character in a minute to see how this all relates but only at the bottom of the tree only in the final one do we find malkov which is the outermost layer it’s the most furthest degree of separation and that’s where we kind of find ourselves so as we’ve done this for we are there now in earth all right even though all the elements are present we’re in earth we’re in the physical matter of things this is also considered to be in some theologies or some cosmologies the you know gate of the of the cleopathic world um others would position it going through da’ad both are true depending on your cosmology you subscribe to but we’ll we’ll we’ll chat about that it is here that we come to understand that most people and if you’ve done any degree of therapy or work on yourself you’ll be aware that you are not aware in fact so much of our behavior only is going to come to the front when it’s often times too late like the oracle says to neo you’ve already made the choice neo you’re here to understand why you made the choice a lot of our therapy especially when we grow and we start looking more into our inner souls and what’s going on inside of us we start to recognize there are these unconscious factors that were at play unconscious beliefs and paradigms and models of reality unconscious ideas now when we look at this from a magical context even if we take the moon the moon itself which is the symbol of the subconscious mind which is the symbol of yes so in the tree of life which is the first sphere outside of malkov outside of our conscious current awareness or current reality is then the subconscious mind it is also corresponding to our own sexuality so in other words that sexual serpent that came in in our first place and then through judgments and associations we linked painted we disassociated we made it we pushed it even more unconscious this natural resource of our creativity we pushed more unconscious in fact we see its nature as evolution in evolution because every major act of influence or evolution sorry in our society has always been preceded by a change in our arts and in our sexuality the arts again can be related to venus or nezak which we also then find in the tree of life another factor that seems to be unconscious another one is the driving mercurial aspect the arrogance that almost brings about the brilliance and the genius these are all form factors inside or which we are more unconscious of so this language of the spirits becomes in a language of the archetypical nature of the self the blueprint that we are operating on from an unconscious level and the purpose or the practice of magic then is to awaken god in other words to make knowing the unknown to become conscious of that deepest most part and not only to become conscious or reconnect with that part but to fully mature it and to give it a healthy expression you see the fall is necessary the fall wasn’t the curse it says and now man has become like us in other words that’s the moment we become gods that’s the moment we awaken to the potential of our free will that’s when that journey actually begins the moment the serpent comes into the garden and we eat of the forbidden fruit but now we associate shame with it and we keep repressing and keep repressing and these keep creating unconscious factors that manipulate us in other words that enslave us how many things are you enslaved to really we look at the world today people are so seduced by what they see outside they think if i get that pretty house that new car all qualities of sight then i am going to be happy then i’m going to have what i want they listen to what other people say all qualities of sound and they listen to other people for affirmations and they trust in that and they use this to make judgments and assessments we’re easily seduced by some by beautiful sounding words and ideas and concepts we are easily seduced by our saints’s the saints’s are again a manifestation of that same yahweh principle now in essence what that principle breaks down to if we take away the arguments of deity projection onto it and old entities that review themselves under this we forget about all that and we simply break it down to its core principle this idea is the tetragrammaton the tetragrammaton which translated as the holy four-letter name of god is yod hey valve hey and these four letters describe very much those three supernals those aspects of the elements and the fourth which is earth okay now we see a difference between that and yeshua when he comes in in the translation because yeshua is oftentimes described to as the painter granted or holy five-lettered name of god in other words it has the same four letters but it has a fifth one now included into it and that fifth letter included into it here is the letter shin shin then basically translates as the purifying fire this means each and every one of us has all four of those elements in our nature you and i are the slave god initially we are conditioned by that in other words we are in service to the slave god we are not even aware that we are being controlled by these unconscious processes now those unconscious processes we manifest through our psyche or through our senses yes and that’s why even text like the bhagavad gita demonstrates the idea of man being driven by his or her senses you know how we’re seduced by the external the material because we’re meaning making machines we’re trying to project that meaning which really is from us our own beauty our antifreeze our own soul inside of the world and that’s just the process that’s how we start to engage with the experience also part of the key to our magic as well as the key to our slavery now inside of this journey of beautiful transmutation what the addict or the initiate does is the initiating raises their consciousness out of mulku systematically into other spheres and not only becoming aware of them but purifying them and then maturing them going through an alchemical process with each of these components to recognize that what i’m projecting out of the world what i’m actually a slave to unconsciously i now need to control whether i’m a slave to thinking my partner is the best thing in the world you know or my company or this you know when i have that car i’m gonna be happy all these external projections and unconscious games that we play do you know why you get angry do you understand what your value systems are do you know why you do all the things you do or how much of them are unconscious you see this goes even further like let’s take there’s a principle known as attachment theory an attachment theory and i’m not going to go into too much detail with that but attachment theory helps us understand why we get jealous and why we love the way we do you get for example an anxious attach attachment approach which is somebody that’s constantly pushing they’re constantly uh trying to get the attention they almost come across as needy why do this is in and of itself a corrupt shall we say air element you know it’s overthinking or it’s over analytical or sorry an over let me correct myself there an overactive water element so it is a water element that’s gone into its negative it’s corrupt in other words i’m completely controlled by that thing i’m not even aware of myself doing it i feel like i have no control over it i just do it’s a compulsion it comes up unconsciously this is my slavery to that dimension of the slave god now in the same context i can have the opposite avoid the opposite strategy which is an avoidant one an avoidant one is where i’m almost not involved at all i don’t want to get anything inside of that like uh it’s the person that you know the second things get intimate second they get close they pull away they push away they’re not there they’re not able to experience the full depth of love especially if we understand that all the traditions always say to us god is love this fundamental tao is love it is because it’s the ultimate unity within all duality which is what the fundamental translation of these names kind of comes down to it is our deep rapport with each other that also empowers our magic how can you influence anything that you are not connected to this is why magic works in the first place now it’s inside of this that we see these manifesting in our therapy and our design in our sciences today when we look at the way or the the way people struggle with relationships the combine of these two which is an air or a corrupt air is what’s called a disorganized attachment style that’s somebody that has both you know they’ve got literally they’ve locked themselves of the one and out of the other they’re they’re avoidant they’re and they’re anxious they’re a little bit they’re over complicated they’re they’re pushing too much they’re demanding too much and then they pull away they still don’t want to commit at the same time that’s a disorganized style so now you see what happens when the air gets corrupted when the water gets corrupted and when the you know um the fire when the fire gets corrupted these elements need to be purified inside of ourselves and in other words we need to understand these unconscious processes that we are running where they’re coming from what their roots are in our lives what’s our deeper kind of issues it’s not just a matter of a simple ritual or a simple spell liberating yourself from the slave god means liberating yourself from slavery to these dimensions of the god body because they’re all components of the matrix they’re not good or bad by any sense of the word they’re just principles you know they’re fundamental fabrics of the nature of their now we can put masks on them and many traditions have the same way a an effective hypnotist or an effective influencer can take a fundamental principle of your psyche and then say oh that’s your unconscious doing that oh that is this doing that and then what happens is your brain starts to associate the two this is where the manipulation comes in through religions and traditions and things like that you know what if it serves you great but if it doesn’t serve you let it go and walk away from that and start designing your own universe because that’s what this that’s what the journey is about you see as we begin to purify or liberate ourselves from the slave god you know and assaults become the god above god the awakening above that the same way even yeshua does christ comes in and purifies the four elements and unites them inside of love and love again here means unity this is the journey each and every one of us has to go through in our progression and this kind of expands under the notion that again the old phrase that says you know jesus was not a christian buddha was not a buddhist these were men who unlocked access to that component that divine fundamental self that each and every one of us possesses jesus said they will come those will do as i do and greater things shall they do and it’s inside of that that we recognize that the propaganda the slavery came after they came after when other people started programming their philosophies and their ideals inside of it jewish people many jewish people still believe that jesus carried the plight of the shema for us you know on his body which gave him the abilities that he did this is the extended formula but understand that that extended formula the the minimized or compressed version of this is still the tetragrammaton still the four-lettered name so when that letters we liberate ourselves from its slavery and we start to unlock its power and potential and we become its master the same way pain and pleasure controls you versus you becoming aware of pain and pleasure and consciously deciding what is going to mean pain to you and what is going to mean pleasure to you and then becoming conscious or matured spiritually inside of that mastery and that thing is the overcoming of the duality this impulse that is inside of us at the very base that is the rebellious spirit you know that some would refer to as lucifer’s the one that falls the one that rebels it’s a part of our nature you know regardless of what your path is it’s inside of you and the catch is people that just try and repress that component not integrated they are the ones that end up having the biggest shadows to cost the greater the light the greater the shadow that’s why we see so many of these people that are great light workers so supposed to be and they’re really deeply freaking damaged you know they’re causing more hurt than good and that’s why you often seems oftentimes seen people that are supposedly evil bad whatever left-hand path practitioners being the most compassionate kindest people in the world here’s why you see a lot of people look at the path of those traditions and they go oh they work with demons they work with that you can think of the dark path as advanced shadow work at a universal level that’s really what it is in the philosophy of the kabbalistic theology the light of god first tries to manifest but the saphira couldn’t handle it and it shattered and created the clipper the fallen tree of life and then only was the tree of life produced so it’s out of the darkness that the other tree kind of exists but it also recognizes the philosophy that inside of each of those clipa is the nitsutsu which is the foundational light essentially necessary to clear up the way hence why crowley kenneth grant and many others we talk about the journey as one walking up the tree of life all the way into bina and then from bina being swallowed in through the art through the abyss to do the real dark work the real hectic work you know in the shadows to unlock and then those quote-unquote demons were actually daemons they were guides they were you know deeper fundamental archetypes or components of the universe that we would then have to operate or work with or ascend to and mature into the same way we had to become conscious and attune into the ones in the light in the first part and then into the ones in the dark and only through that can we mature our way up to the top and then out into and then finally into keter and this is where the big choice would be the big choice would be do i fundamentally dissolve into the universe and become one with god and that’s the phrase when you see god you are no more because your entire personality portion of the brain is just eradicated it’s no longer fun you’re functioning at a cerebral level versus do i simply stay in hakmar stay just in front of keter and then utilize my power now that i am free of duality now that i myself am abraxas you know or i am the mastery over abraxas which is the principle over or what’s called the god above god the principle over all duality over all light over all darkness not subject to either of it so the truth is in the esoteric philosophy is that you are not man but you are a man initially and you’re taking man and evolving it this is the philosophy of adam katman adam cardman which is the perfected man the man who has awakened all these portions of the tree in order to liberate him or herself but the catch is the bias the duality that comes into this which is still a victimization of duality practitioners that stand on the one side of the tree and they’re just going no i’m not going to go into the other side because that’s bad and that’s evil you’re just not completing the journey and others that are also on the opposite side of the tree that just judge you know the other one this is this child-like argument between the traditions and the path creates dissonance inside of the psyche or takes the dissonance that is there that is manifesting in these things and increases its intensity even more creating a sense of separation inside of the practitioner and this is what really makes people come up with this rubbish idea of that the path is lonely path is not lonely if you’re on a path as a magician creating reality and you’re suffering from extreme loneliness extreme unhappiness that’s not because of the path that’s because of the slavery that you are still a victim of so it doesn’t matter if your left hand or right hand or whatever you call yourself if you’re not resolving these issues within if you’re not becoming conscious of these unconscious processes you are a victim of the slave god now i say that i killed the slave god and sometimes i have you know he’s like osiris he resurrects sometimes i have moments where i have to re-face him but we go through this journey over all and over and over again in life and the best way to the journey of ultimate love is through the death by love you see whether you’re falling in love with a person whether you’re falling in love with a business or an idea and that thing gets taken away from you sooner or later you like lucifer will fall and it’s in the fall where you have a choice the choice is and this is the way you’re really learning to cultivate free will where you can believe in the doctrine and the narrative of reality that you first had or you can become aware of the unconscious forces behind beliefs paradigms ideas planetary influences all these that were controlling you and kept you in that place which you now have evidence for was not what you were meant for or you can rebel up against heaven and by heaven i mean your original idea of pleasure and purpose see this has nothing to do with some armageddon inside of the world i’ve seen the same thing happen with so many practitioners of innocent magic innocent magic to a certain degree brings about the armageddon of the personal uh individual it’s your own armageddon that happens the world goes on just fine nothing happens there it’s your personal transmutation but it can be so intensely real because for you it is and because it is real for you magically you are affecting your world in that way you will literally be vibrationally pulled out of other people’s lives that aren’t in matching vibrations and you’ll be tuned into vibrations specifically to it and this however is where the left hand path or the dark path in that sense the dark clipper teaches us such valuable lessons because it teaches us how to go through the transmutation through the pain through the loneliness how to find the meaning and the power inside of a shattered reality and hell and pain but it’s difficult and why a lot of people suffer is because they haven’t even gotten aware of the things on the light side of the tree that’s controlling them how are you dealing with it at that level and this is sometimes the danger why i believe a lot of people struggle and they come up with these extreme fantasy versions because they cannot still differentiate from what’s going on inside of their unconscious now a sad thing that some people might say is like oh so this is all just psychology you know it’s all just unconscious processes my brain and my childhood and my future projections and myself you know to a degree yes the it is your your inner child is your past self your higher self is your future self your presence is where you want to bring all of these so they’re aligned that’s the trinity and that’s the alignment or rapport within yourself and out of that you establish rapport with the universe but it is more than that you see once you’re in this space and you begin to truly believe in yourself and you believe in yourself because you have healed yourself the reason you don’t love yourself the reason you don’t believe yourself is because you still have these separations of yourself you don’t even know you you’re looking for it in relationships you’re looking for it and you know success and businesses and money and stuff like that you know the truth is you just need to survive financially you need a a shelter food you know there’s very little that we actually need as human beings but people feel like they’re gonna die if they don’t have the new iphone if they’re seen in a certain way so they filter themselves through someone else’s point of view i heard a beautiful saying in um an episode of american god season three i forget the goddess’s name when she walks out and shadow moons asking her you know what what changed he said she said you know for so long i was seeing myself through other people’s eyes that i started believing that’s what i’m paraphrasing a bit and the change was for her that she started seeing herself through her own eyes who she needs to be her own beauty her own sacredness how many of you are looking for someone else to see you you know we understand from all these influenced technologies winning conversations and crap like that it was like you know make people feel understood make them feel heard that doesn’t show us an influence technique it shows us how broken human beings are it shows us how deeply separated and disconnected people are and they shatter their relationships and they shatter every single aspect of their life chasing a ghost because that’s what it is you’re thinking you’re going to find the one you’re thinking you’re going to get the you know perfect it’s going to come that perfect lasting to come you are the perfect one you are the perfect life you are the beauty that you seek but you’ve become unconscious to it you are a slave to the slave of god and unless you take the actual steps and processes to become aware of the slave god as it operates inside of you what is the elemental makeup what is the quality of your attachment wounds then only can you achieve the final attachment wound the the final attachment style which is secure attachment that is when we can securely attach and bond with people and if they leave they leave we’re not lost we’re not broken this is closer to a state of zen than years of meditation is ever going to bring you and this is the recognition of the liberation that we need to go through in order to unlock our own divinity to realize psalm 82 satan ye are all gods and you’re the children of the most high but recognize now here that when we speak of the concept of god i don’t care if you use god or universe or the dragon or any of those terms the term you use does not matter to spirit it is a symbolic language by which you neurologically associate and fire off vibrations and intent inside of your nervous system in your energy matrix and that is what is heard okay that’s why some people can do practices that work like that and others take years and they do the same work and it doesn’t do anything it’s because the internal representation the internal narrative is different you know in the one’s narrative the world is gods and monsters and the other ones narrative they are the gods and monsters and they have endless potential within them to manifest this great vision inside of their heart now that’s a bunch of information i hope you’ve had some fun with it and it’s opened your mind to some other possibilities and if there’s something that you’d like me to go into with more detail please give a comment you know beneath this video or and make sure you’ve liked and you subscribed and given us some support or just drop us an email at info at theculture.js and i’d be happy to answer that and kind of go into a little bit more detail so stick around for a few seconds and at the end of this video i’m going to answer you know a question from one of our friends hey sinners okay so our question today comes from gary gary asks when it comes to transmutation of the vital energies internally how would you best describe the milestones when exhibits on successful transmutation of vital energy into essence now good question in fact such a good question my friend gary that we could spend like a freaking entire mini seminar discussing that properly and i take it you you bring that question from an educated space you’ve done some some work and some research in terms of that now we have to qualify the question at least to a degree for the sake of this conversation and please if i’m if i’m getting the context wrong do just send me an update and let’s kind of refine that but we talk about the vital energies of the body we’re specifically oftentimes referring to the sexual base energy of the body now this is vital force energy and let me be very specific here that sexual energy does not necessarily indicate um arousal arousal is a manifestation of sexual energy but in an esoteric context when we refer to sexual energy we refer to the dual energy as a whole so in other words it can be your active light it can be your active darkness it can be your masculine your feminine it can be your ups and downs it can be any of the dual shifts in the body of which how every sexual energy is the most concentrated and this is why it has been oftentimes very much associated also alongside of its position to that of the base chakra now a very interesting philosophy is on the journey of yeshua in the biblical context he starts his journey off in bethlehem beth allahim which can be translated roughly as house of bread what an appropriate name for the base chakra and ends in kolkata which is a place inside the skull with a perfect name from the crown chakra the journey of yeshua is actually the journey of the dual energy of the sexual energy now being purified and brought up through each of the chakras the seven heavens the seven kingdoms into achieving enlightenment and it’s just before the last one there there is the death when i see god i am no more in other words we spoke about earlier in the session we spoke about uh the the addiction to the slave god well the way that i liberated my say itself from the slave god is i died i literally died with enough pain enough transmutation all my old attachments and addictions to those principles i was liberated from i broke free from through death through eventually linking so much pain to it and breaking from that narrative and then starting to see myself as the actual source behind that recognizing that principle within me and then as such becoming the source of it no longer feeling a dependency or a need for it outside of myself and that’s when the energy relationship of it shifted and i became in charge of that vibration now that’s macrocosmic so in other words as we start to transmute this energy correctly inside of ourselves the transformation happens and happens at multiple layers inside of it it’s the energetic level the psychological level and the behavioral level at the very least and then ultimately at a quantum level if you will so there’s it’s still that four-fold nature of our being that it we have to have these manifestations of each of the tears so that’s the important thing to recognize or to remember when we begin any journey or philosophy inside of the magical journey we go through the elemental philosophy in other words the first thing we get is air here is the imagination of the visualization of the thing it is also the intellectual gaining of data of the thing it’s the mental exercise around it if you will the next stage is the actual action component which is the fire component in other words when the when the air then affects the fire the fire gets stimulated in other words i’m not doing the exercise i’m doing the breathing in the transmutation it is then from there on that i activate actually water the water comes in response to the fire we we often see this in the mythologies of the fire and the ice being the first two principles the core principles of the duality so this is again that duality starting to resolve itself that thing comes up in my being as the water in other words now i start getting the emotional vibration for it first it’s a push i got to push for that feeling but it’s a feeling once i get that feeling going and i’ve taken the action and i’m aligned with the data and the information now suddenly my body starts to respond and the moment the body starts to respond that’s when it’s earth in other words now you’ve completed the alchemical chain or the elemental chain under the guidance of spirit in other words under the guidance of purpose you have a clear why and that’s when it works one of the things that oftentimes makes a lot of people struggle with their practice is because they don’t even know why they’re doing it or what the end result should be and because they don’t do that there’s a degree of disassociation it’s the same as in a hypnotic sense or in a film context if i’m influencing somebody into a certain direction or a certain purpose and i don’t give them an idea of what that frame is if i don’t paint a picture of what an archetype looks like for example anubis you know and i talk about the qualities of anubis and while i’m doing it i’m making you picture gold that i’m making you picture the snot not making you picture these things then it wouldn’t mean anything if i suddenly showed you that image but if i’ve pre-framed you if there’s been some immersion into the philosophy or into the tradition or into these ideas no just simple hints of it is enough for the subconscious mind to cling onto the thing and go oh that’s the meaning that’s why you know the utilization of sigils and the utilization of a lot of these things eventually sometimes don’t have any value for people until they’ve actually done their research around them there’s been that cognitive association to the purpose and from that we can generate the experience by which we then produce reality so one of the taking one of the things about the sexual energy transmutation again there’s many ways to apply this the process or alchemical process by which we transmute base energy or essential vital force into shame or spiritual energy the daoist philosophy gives us a nice one especially the teachings of master mantak chai now if you find mantak chai’s work or body of work a bit dense to get through uh eric you’d love which was the student of montagchai um has also written a couple of books stash yoga and the sexual energy as well as darsh yoga and the tree of life which is a nice correspondence to help you bring that eastern kind of idea along with western hermetic magic into a bit of an alignment but what happens if we begin this process as we begin to generate sexual energy inside of the body and we begin to breathe this energy up because this is oftentimes really the missing key for a lot of practitioners a lot of practitioners are just breathing they go to a typical yoga class and they’re just inhaling up the energy and this is good this is a key but it’s not the main key the main key is still the transmutation of sexual energy that’s really the fundamental of it so as i then inhale i transmute this energy and it starts to go up my spinal column i may experience a bit of a burning sensation but like a not like an energy like a bodybuilding sensation more like an energetic burning sensation like a burning clean and as it actually enters this base channel that’s actually what happens the sexual energy itself is still in duality hence the old phrase that you know attraction is based upon opposites and love is based upon rapport and this is it so that attraction that duality that that sexual energy current those essential the vital force of the body is now being transmuted so there’s a stage of this purification if you do any type of high ceremonial work and you’re bringing an energy from the top down at the same time that’ll add to it and it’ll also help purify if that energy is stuck getting loose because a lot of people get stuck in that stage they struggle to transmute the energy in fact if you’re doing any of these practices and you still find yourself intensely in want or need or arousal that energy is not transmuted uh once the transmutation begins that energy transforms and it becomes this sense of life the sense of vitality even a sense of joy or a sense of power or sense of energy but it is a pure cleaner energy that is non-dual in fact a very similar phenomena happens when we start to understand psychic readings inside of the eye or psychic impressions versus emotional or ego projections emotional ego projections usually have a duality type emotion linked to it whereas intuitive emotions or intuitive insights have a pure sense of knowing there is no immediate emotional positive or negative association attributed it we only tend to get that once it makes its way into the neocortex and it kind of gets filtered through our processes now once that energy starts to move up there’s a couple of things that can start to occur for the practitioner here now in the beginning in the early stages remember there’s these we spoke about that air fire water earth kind of tears and that also then relates to the kabbalistic worlds of the um [Music] which is again like you can consider the collective unconscious the personal unconscious the subconscious and then finally the conscious these tears we are all the same thing we’re working so when we’re first doing that visualization we’re basically operating at those top tier levels and by continued practice it comes down to the physical levels meaning it becomes more physically intense we get to feel it more real we’re more involved in the process and the experience now when this begins to happen so again like it won’t necessarily happen in your first session you may just experience warmth heat things like that rising up but once it actually transmutes and that energy starts to go up the spine something interesting starts to happen inside of the brain now um self is plugging in for the cult if you want the full details of what really happens in the brain of the biochemistry we do go into detail of that in the cult but in the cult of view but for now just understand that this change of energy actually creates change in protein release inside of the body this also creates an alteration in your state of consciousness which creates a dissolving of the identity that we’re very familiar with that old phrase when you see god you are no more this is literally happening you’re disassociating from the neocortex associating to the cerebellum and as such that shift starts to happen inside of you now as that shift starts to happen and this is an experience that timothy leary talks about in some of his work when he relates the spiritual journey or the journey in psilocybin mushrooms that someone goes through to the journey of the tibetan book of the dead and it speaks a lot about the transition from the lower bordeaux and the lower bordeaux is the you know the place of struggles and the place of fear isn’t the ego death the same thing happens um when people take mushrooms because there’s an ego death and this ego death kind of occurs because the brain based upon its associative processes associates you even to time and space so your body to a certain location now there’s a center in your brain responsible for this and that gets switched off which is what happens inside of the site people tend to experience fear they tend to experience anxiety and this is a possibility that does occur at times when we activate from this we the time space veil drops this is the eye of shiva so to speak that opens up and destroys everything so destroys time destroys space and then it destroys yourself and as it destroys solves the joyous destroys all the stuff self is made out of or the false self the ego personality itself as it destroys that that’s when we step outside of time and outside of space now that experience depending on the level of energy and depending on the level of practice you’re engaged in for example this is more common with advanced sex magic practices and high magic practices than it is in traditional basic dance yogic practices or traditional energy shikkung and kung fu but when that transition goes there may be an actual shift kind of like those times when you you feel like you’re you’re waking up in a dream and you’re falling and you’re being kind of shocked back into your body that kind of abrupt change is a possibility uh shifting a vertigo shifting of positions feeling like you’re large or feeling like you’re small of a sudden jumping or upside down this is all common attributions that specialists mediums also find when they cross the quote-unquote veil and it’s because of the there’s a kind of a reversal we see this in kabbalistic terms if we look at the tree of life and the supernals the the the top three versus the lower they’re kind of reversed we have a masculine amount of feminine being but then the spheres beneath it you know beneath um the masculine become feminine the ones beneath the fin become masculine in their qualities and attributes this is the reversal that’s kind of a thing that can happen it’s different for everybody depends on your experience in your psychology as that then begins your magical magnetism starts to increase this magnetism has an impact upon the quality of your voice the quality of your voice your tonality your sound may not completely change with your tonality and the resonance and the energy with it actually changes and this is because of the magnetism that now gets fused in with your workings um this is the basis behind the secrets of the druidic storytellers the enchanters and all those kinds of practices now once we go further as we progress inside of this remember this is purely the magical component or the energetic component so you may experience that for short intervals maybe a process or a low magic thing where it happens for a little bit and then it kind of goes away but as you do this you kind of set in ball a chain reaction because remember what happens in the unconscious is now going to cascade down as it starts to cascade down any kind of repressed stuff that is in there in the system bad beliefs negative things that keep you from your fundamental source your dragon your god your universe your abraxas whatever it is your shima mithras your gorisha that’s going to come through whatever that map is and whatever those mixed tainted parts are and it’s going to amplify it to the point where it can manifest this actual reality your duty your job is to ensure that your maintain discernment you maintain the discernment in the sense of when this comes up you get to recognize as this experience i want because again you’ve got free will you’re cultivating your free will or is it something that i’m going to let go of now and then applying the principle of kali in a sense destroying again this principle of shiva as well destroying that that old undesired reality and reintegrating that part of you that’s been lost to come forth now this continued progression then brings about wholeness psychically one of the phenomenas that we find in spiritualist mediumship in the old days is that somebody doing murder gazing you know some people call it silver mirror some people call it white mirror um but normal you sit in gaze and the old classic use the two candles stare at the thing the faces that you see coming through are corresponding to your psychic conditions there are spiritual beings in that sense or correspondence like that but they’re also psychological components and they’re matched that’s why the old gold non-adage i’m the exorcist in the midst of the exorcism as you purify these components eventually when you look in the mirror or someone looks at you in that same hakulas style vision you just start to glow that glow starts to happen and this is the sign of an integral person a person that is integrated into the various components when they are at that state they’ve resolved their attachment issues they’re in a state of you know secure attachment they’ve matured their elemental components they’re a healthy sovereign they’re a healthy warrior they’re a healthy magician lover and they’re operating in these other quadrants of their life so again this is not just a magical practice thing this is something that reflects in your actual world you’ve overcome quote unquote the slave god you’ve defeated the slave god and you’ve now gained power over that same you know as cigarette that slits the throat of the dragon and drinks the dragon’s blood you now liberated yourself from these various parts of the mechanism and purified those components of yourself alchemically you know to come out the other side so as a result your kind of growth is kind of fully fully established or it’s continually expanding because again there’s a mindset that a lot of people have with this is i’m going to master the technique and i’m going to be done you’re never going to be done um the tree of life is a good symbolism where it says the malcov of the current tree or the teacher of the current tree is the malcov of the next tree and it’s an infinite journey you see as you continue to expand your model of reality you’re starting to take in more of your divinity you’re believing that moving that force that infinite force to flow through your system your energetic system you’re going through this alchemical channel what ends up happening is you can now handle more and more levels of that energy greater and greater expanses of consciousness and they are specific to your unique purpose and destiny that’s why it’s never going to really match one of the things that you’ve seen in fact if you are trying to match what you’ve seen by someone else like a jesus or a buddha or a genghis khan or you know richard branson that’s not you being on the path that’s you replicating someone else that’s still you being a slave to one of those programs and what will happen in the next days your intuition will open up at a higher level because you’ll have more energy coming up uh natural phenomena that’s just occurs increased sudden flashes of light and sudden flashes of energy at spontaneous level this is because there’s more energy now available in the system which then feeds and nourishes the other centers in the dance tradition we look at the three treasures that three treasures will populate the lower dante inn which will bubble up to the mid dantine and the upper dantian this thing empowers the chakra system or the energetic system and that energetic system then once empowered can then operate at a better level as part of the reasons lots of our manifestations struggle besides internal resistance there’s just not enough energy to feed those things and truly magnetize them i hope that answers your question and give you some food to thought please everybody if you’ve got some questions of yourself give us a comment or write us an email at info at thecult of you i’m adam knox reminding you to live deliciously oh [Music] hey family it’s adam knox here thanks for supporting this podcast and you know these ideas i really appreciate free thinkers you know like yourselves that are willing to challenge conventional norms and think for themselves and take on new challenges and look at new ideas and as such i want to say that if you haven’t yet if you are looking at ways to improve your knowledge over the entire field and you’re looking at a you know regular feed of ideas and concepts to keep improving yourself i’d like to invite you to sign up at the cult of you all my teachings and all my ideas are there for only 19 a month and every month i bring you a completely new section of some of the most cutting ideas and i’m constantly adding to that so i’m constantly reviewing and adding more knowledge as i gain them and you’ll see a lot of the interviews and a lot of things that i do extend on some of the subjects that i cover inside of those areas i do take quite a bit of effort to make sure the forming is also quite good and to give you not just a demonstration of rituals but also talk you through the psychology behind them so that you’re empowered to do them and i cover every subject under the sun from science to art to magic to all the different systems out there from the golden dawn to the western trade of the western traditions to the lithian path traditions we discuss technology and technomancy we discuss sex magic and seduction we discuss so much more from purely the mental aspects to how do you deal with the darkness when it comes up as well as how do you take those things into business and into your romantic life as well as what are the keys to make your magic work as well as to unlock different degrees of spirituality so if you haven’t yet please consider signing up at the cult of you and you’ll be able to send me a mail and message there and i’ll be there to help you your personally through mail correspondence and chat you and guide you through the entire process and if you make it through the first year of the entire cycle and you graduate the second year of the program you’re able to have 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love to hear from you that’s it for me i’m adam knox this is the cult of you and remember live deliciously [Applause] you


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