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We are the Hybrid Gods

hey there sinners
it’s adam nox and welcome to another episode of the cult of you
today’s episode i would like to discuss the subject of what i call hybrid gods you see there’s this philosophy that is very common inside of spiritualism occultism the left-hand path and even aspects of the magical right-hand path if we can call it that and it’s the notion that we are gods and this is supported even in biblical texts where it says in psalm 82 ye are all gods and you’re the children of the most high this is a subject that i think many get confused with today i’d like to unbox this so to speak as an idea and i would like to also give you a healthy pathway by which you can explore this concept in a way that is functional measurable and that actually leads to results regardless of where you are sit back relax and enjoy today’s episode and remember to live deliciously [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] okay so firstly before i gonna get in today’s episode i wanted to just take a moment to give you a couple of quick announcements one um as you’ve noticed i’m changing up the order of how i share this i’m taking out some of the extra stuff that was there before uh try to shorten the episodes and i’m doing a lot of this because of feedback that i’m getting from you so i would honestly appreciate your feedback if you have ideas things that you think can improve the format the discussion points people for interviews you can mail upon the mail addresses you can just click the link that’s in the bottom of it there’s one link now that just leads to everything a link tree link and um you can pop me an email there or you can just leave a comment down inside of each of these videos i’m pretty responsive to try and get and react to any video or any comment or feedback that i do get and my objective is to constantly grow and just improve not only this channel but myself as a teacher inside of this format now i’ve already gotten a bit of feedback from you in terms of what we did with the episode of the astrologer and we’re going to be implementing that feedback so as we explore different segments and if there’s segments that you’d like us to see incorporate please do share that and i’d love your ideas and your concepts that being said let’s get into the kind of meets and bones of today’s subject so the reason this one’s an important one for me is also because i find it’s a bit of a follow-up to our previous discussion in our previous session that i called the missing elements in magic i discussed the archetypes in jungian psychology and how that corresponded to the four elements as an entry point i also was very clear and i emphasized that i’m not saying that’s the be all and end all but i am saying that that is very much the missing component and utilizing things like active imagination in order to begin that relationship with these internal archetypes within the unconscious now one of the things that i want to highlight in terms of that is a very interesting correlatory you see the concept of the king warrior magician lover was popularized by robert moore specifically in a book by the same name that then become be popularized in the men’s movement but fundamentally as i’ve emphasized these are universal principles that are effective for male and female one of the things that was not very much spoken there is how this philosophy is utilized very much in you know analytical principles the notion that was very popularized by freud is the notion of libido and i emphasize a lot especially my discussions around sex magic and if you’re a member of my course you’re very familiar with my relationship that i share between concepts like the libido the dao the tetragrammaton the concepts of the slave god and these archetypes or these fundamental precursors to our experience within our energetic bodies and our subconscious or unconscious dimensions of the self the component or the facet of herself that is always looking for unity or expression in and of itself now one of the factors from the last discussion is that these manifestations can occur at different places in our experience the person may be very well developed in the one and not as well developed in other words their libido is more influenced or more centered around that aspect their energy their their higher their focus their thrill if you will is more cultivated in that one expression so to speak and one of the principles of magical thought is that we’re supposed to progress and develop all of these archetypes within ourselves in order to become as we would say whole in such i remember when i was very very young in classic spiritualism somebody posed a question and it was in a spiritual session and they said how can you say that you are god and this is a statement that gets a lot of flack in the occult and spiritual communities and rightfully so because oftentimes the people that are claiming it um have very little ground to demonstrate it from as well which adds to the conflict which adds to the drama and the confusion inside of it now this is important to realize why you see the reason for it is people take this at an ego based level i am god in other words everything is my rule everything is my possible i’m in charge of everything um yet they are operating very often from a position of narcissism and what i mean by narcissism i mean by what they’re saying at a conscious level and what they’re saying at an unconscious level aren’t aligned in essence this is very much depicted again in the magical initiation through the journey of moth when as mentioned before as the soul or the heart or the switch represents the soul in that component is then weighed against the feather of moth in other words we’re weighed against congruency within ourselves is the way you’re acting the way you’re behaving your unconscious tells so to speak in alignment with what you are consciously communicating you see is your conscious and your unconscious mind aligned are you harmonious you see this is again why the need for therapy why the need for shadow work because you want to find those incongruent components of yourself in order to heal it so as the question was posed how can you say that you are god i had to intervene and i had to kind of clarify that and i want to emphasize that clarification here the statement is not that individuals are themselves god or goddess or whatever you want to refer to as the dao in this context the statement is that each and every one of us and everything in life contains the tao is this holds the spark that is the divine in other words each and every one of us is quote unquote as the bible even says made in the image and likeness of god whatever your interpretation of that is and it can get quite esoteric but we’re not going to explore that today in essence the concept is that each and of us each and every one of us has potential for divinity within ourselves this however is also part of the problem it is this part that affects our perceptions of grandiosity it affects part of the unhealthy aspects of our relationships we try to elevate some of our relationships to the divinest of standards based upon this perception our partner is the goddess and we confuse our partner for the goddess or god within our inner opposites of that same nature causing even more conflicts because we forget that we are gods yes with anuses as the term goes in other words we are god we have the god spark within us there is a divine aspect to us but we still and fart and eat and make mistakes and are in error and we aren’t really very quickly going to get to a place of resolution in fact there are many debates about the members of our society historically that have attained those roles or have claimed to attain those rules in many aspects many people are very disappointed in those same you know archetypes when we see them in different lights and part of the reason for this problem is that we begin to project these archetypes that exist within ourselves onto others one of the one of the typical failings often is you’ll have this group of dedicated people that follow a guru of some sort and then years later after the guru has passed or failed or his mortality so to speak is revealed now suddenly they’re suing the guru and they’re saying how bad things were and everything like that now i’m not saying there’s not credence to that there is in many cases a lot of credence to it but why a lot of this phenomena happens is because people project onto the guru or the teacher all their archetypes imagining that this individual has somehow merged resolved all the archetypes and that’s not always the case sometimes that individual has maybe developed a handful or a few of them to a decent level and the problem now occurs is when these individuals stop taking responsibility for cultivating that dimension within themselves and project it on to the other and people we see this in many aspects of the occult and spiritual communities because the thing that we are projecting on is sometimes not even just that guru it could be a system a way of life or something like that however it is always a problem when it’s something that can be taken away from us it’s the same way as when you’re entering a relationship and you’re saying this i’m happy because this person’s in my life i’m so blessed because that person is in my life you’re depending you’re creating a rule set inside your unconscious your instruction to your mind that makes the other individual the variable and that variable is changeable it is mutable it can alter as such every time it alters it causes you to re-question re-struggle research how often times have you been in a beautiful relationship that everything was great and wonderful and happy and then when it was over it was almost like boom you’re back to the start of it this is all you may ask what does this have to do with the concept of you know your god everything really you see for us to get to the fundamental spark of ourselves that is the divine and let me be clear i’m not stating that i have that i am as you a seeker on that path constantly working to unfold that dimension and get into relationship with it but i also recognize it’s not the only dimension of my being it is a dimension of my being and i’m trying to cultivate all dimensions of my being in order to be an original hybrid an original creation my own manifestation of my own will it is important to recognize that as we begin our journey though with the divine within us that entire hierarchy that falls outside of the divine that we’ve seen as described so eloquently and correspondent systems from the zodiac to the planets to the elements these are tiers of manifestation or filters or sides of the diamond so to speak through which that light gets reflected and we often at different stages see or capture ourselves only at certain portions of it this makes sense again the neocortex can only process two thousand bits of information as opposed to the cerebellum that calculates 400 billion bits of information in other words all these processes are still going on within yourself you may only be conscious of a handful of these processes now the path of magic is not a get rich quick scheme as it’s oftentimes sold out you know i live in south africa and you struggle to go many places without getting some little flyer of some movie doctor that can make penis bigger help restore lost love life make you wealthy it’s funny how these people are selling these secrets to make you super wealthy and they themselves live in such situations and they can’t afford a proper website or decent e-commerce or anything that’s quite basic for any one of us in business which again is why we should question the merit of these snakes snake oil salesmen i’m not saying all of them are as i mentioned in the past you can develop certain skills without developing you know you can be a great martial artist and still be an idiot you know you can be or you can be a warrior and that’s the one that we want to look at the people that we want to take instruction from are the ones that are further along the path where we want to get to that’s what matters you know what’s the sustainability of their experience so when we say that you have the divine within you we recognize the divine was within you but we’re saying that just doing a certain ritual to unlock it is not the key doing the ritual doing the technique is the same as when we’re working off in therapy when robert morris said the way to work with the archetypes was through active imagination he was correct as we understand kabbalistically speaking imagination is what we find in correlation to different it is the doorway between the subconscious and the unconscious it’s or the subconscious or the unconscious and the conscious my apologies what that means is that it is through going inward through developing this inner relationship within our own self that communication channel that we get to come in touch with these archetypes now the important thing to recognize is something we see in this as well as in the yogic systems there’s this view this belief about if the kundalini wakes up in an unhealthy state the results and it goes into either the ingame pingala channel but it doesn’t go up into both through the shoshana then what occurs is either madness or you know spontaneous combustion in other words this unbalanced force of energy either over exerts inwardly or over exerts externally and either way the results are catastrophe in the psychological aspect we see the exact same thing at a slightly different or less extreme level in that slowly getting the archetypes developed inside of ourselves but not really having the development oftentimes leads to depression and a lot of people that suffer i’m not saying this is all of them but in many cases much of the depression the general nostalgia of life is the result of having these archetypes there but not truly developed we don’t truly have a relationship with him and this often occurs when you’re in a system of thinking that disconnects you from these aspects of yourself so you’re unable to express them you’re unable to live with them and this is often times why certain forms of therapy when they’re a little bit more liberating like sexual practices and tantra and things like that are so healing for people because getting in touch with the erotic unconscious alone is very cathartic it starts to be a way to get in touch with those forces on the other hand you get the other extreme you get those that spend too much time in the archetypal and the archetypal mind the unconscious isn’t always actually the friendliest place in fact a lot of true left hand path practitioners have an entire map of the demonic of the draka of the dragon of all these deeper fundamental forces within the unconscious and deeper collective unconscious that shows the dangers of the landscape it is because of that that is so essential to do the work the right way you’re not going to step into the gym and suddenly pick up weights that are far beyond your me you’re going to crush yourself and cause injury and that’s what happens and you see a lot of those on the other extreme they over push areas for and they over activate or over energize the archetype and become possessed by it now if that individual becomes possessed by the archetype they don’t have the archetype doesn’t have consideration you know for their mortality we see this so much in the myths and the legends of the gods that don’t care about the mortals you know it doesn’t care about your life the fact that you have to pay bulls you know your responsibility to your society it just takes what it wants because its nature is far greater and more repelling than that of the mortal now in the unhealthy ego this becomes a really big issue and it’s one that must be resolved at a very clear level the ego is also that thing that gets a lot of flack in spirituality and it’s really again due to poor education the eastern philosophy as i’ve mentioned before was not about ego being bad it was about narcissism which i’ve already explored being bad in fact ego was necessary the same as the magician or the witch understands the need for a protective circle this protective circle is really just that a healthy well-established ego that is able to function as the middle world between the upper and lower plains this is the realm we live it’s the place where we can operate so we can go into counsel with our archetypes we understand but what is important is that the magician then recognizes if i have a problem in the world it’s not very rarely and i do say very very i don’t want you to get into the mindset that it’s always if we just swap the word always for mostly or occasionally then it’s a bit more functional you see if instead we recognize that the problems and the dramas that i have in my world are actually reflections of my relationship with that archetypal dimension within myself now suddenly i begin to actually step upon the path of the magi the path of meg is here in essence is the one where i go within or i go about as one of my old spiritual teachers used to love to say it’s quite a simple idea really but its application can take a lifetime tools or systems like magical systems are ways to engage the active imagination and the sensory and hypnotic principles in order to deepen that relationship and if you’re going to be doing those things on your own it’s important that you also study some form of therapy now you don’t have to become a psychologist or a psychoanalyst for that you can very pick up the work of joseph campbell the work of robert moore you can go through courses like mine and there are many others in fact if you’re on my facebook group i’m always sharing other resources to other teachers and other ones that explore these different concepts at more levels you know the idea of the shadow work is essential because here’s why if the divine dimension of yourself is very well stated in the biblical context and in every other religion then one of my favorite statements and the one that struck that i struggled the most to have to understand was the statement ye shall have no other god before me i always thought what a insecure bleep you know what i mean um how petty must this deity be that has to tell you i mean if a man says that to his wife like you’re never gonna see any other man you know it’s probably the thing that’s gonna end up making her see another man it’s that insecurity is not the thing that we seek from deity and the problem is the interpretation of it as that as well if we understand it correctly it’s actually a powerful spiritual instruction that is apt for those on the left right in every single path you shall have no other god before me simply recognizes that all the gods all the goddesses all the archetypes contain within them a quintessential component that is the body of the ultimate god or the ultimate god self or deity or godhead so what that means is if we look at the discussion from lost session earth air fire and water and the archetypes that i discussed are explored around them when they are in their mature they have activated that light that quintessential aspect of them that can then harmonize with the other you see once i understand what the need is that my fire my warrior is trying to meet and the need that my king is trying to meet and the need that my magus is trying to need i get down to the essence now suddenly i give birth to the realization of what my life is actually about what my true essence and true purpose is this is where i enter the realm of spirit because spirit the fifth element is the inter-correlation between them and we see the same definitions in the christ the translations because as we get the tetragrammaton the god of the old testament we have the addition in yesh yeshua the fifth letter the pentagramaton as the introduction of the hebrew letter shin translating as the form purifying and formless fire meaning each and every one of us has the archetypes within us the difference between a character such as yeshua and any other adept or master is one who has purified these you know sorry and any other as composed to all the you know wild magicians and crazy ones out there that have momentary luck you see momentary luck or momentary magic is oftentimes the case of an individual that is maybe cultivated to an extreme one of the archetypes in other words that individual is possessed by the archetypes these individuals will oftentimes formulate entire religions based around that one archetype that one entity and forces like them and it may be useful for you to explore those for a certain period of time but if that’s the only place you stay you’re literally letting the other parts of you die and that’s why you’re unfulfilled you know and then you know the negative spiral starts to occur you start chasing this pattern of addiction starts to happen you know and again disease sits in the dis-ease of that flow of the libido the dis-ease of the flow of the dao for us to restore it oftentimes means going completely away and that’s what occurs for especially people that aren’t balanced in their development they’re not growing in the other areas and really bringing about that integral whole and as such they seek it in relationships or in places because they’re looking for an intimacy that is lacking fundamentally within themselves this was the purpose of religion religion relegare to reconnect it was the essence of those stories and those symbolisms as ways for us to deal with the archetypes in terms of the mythologies so that we would have ritual elders to help us restore this inner sense of meaning and relationship and establish healthy relationships with the archetypes inside of us teaching us to cultivate them one by one to understand the essence behind that archetype and once we understand the essence behind those archetypes we can see finally the spirit or god or fundamental quintessential collective unconscious principle behind that and this is the raising up of consciousness this is the pathway of priesthood you see because as we progress through those four elemental dimensions we enter into the planetary dimensions this has always been the historical follow-up and the planetary dimensions were always commonly associated to the seven planets from which we get our seven days of the week these have always perfectly corresponded to the seven chakras again these same things keep reoccurring as patterns universally over and over across cultures and traditions and systems of thought that is because they are part of our psychic makeup not just mine as an occultist but a christians a buddhist an atheist everyone every human being has these things our expression of them our language the symbolism you know that we put upon them would be relevant to our upgrading upbringing in our neural associations in other words our own individual trees of life and where that may be but they’re the same for us then to debate with each other whether their patterns right or minds wrong recognizes that we are ourselves possessed or ruled by the gods quote unquote instead of us becoming the rulers of our own kingdom which again kabbalistically is the raising of malcolm to restore back into the arts that the supernals are established by which we rule over the tree beneath us and we see this very poetically again reflective of that when the the 10th sephiroth malkov which is my current reality my current kingdom also my ego restored up to the art which is very aligned to the part that’s missing my true essential quintessential self that is resolved and no longer the subject of these dualities but in essence there’s a restored between and bina in other words the god the father and god the mother which is wisdom consciousness bena the progenerator of the energy matrix you see these then become the quintessential cells from which we archetypally produce our perceptions of mother and father or the over emphasis that we misproject onto mom and dad forgetting that they were just human beings that we then also made the mistake of projecting too many archetypes onto them and where do you do that where do you make someone else responsible for your archetype you know maybe oh you know john john’s always the one to go fight the situation we should call john you know amy is always the one to like come up with the creative ideas we should call amy this is useful in a company context it really is it helps for optimization but it is not the path of the magus the path of the magician the path of spiritual freedom and liberation means that we cultivate that and it doesn’t mean you become a specialist in each of these fields but you develop those essences those dimensions of yourself to such an extent that you are able to get in touch with the dimensions behind it once you do the beauty of magic occurs this is when you free yourself from the cage from the box from the way of normal thinking because you’re no longer seeking the approval of others because there’s no longer anything in it for you this brings about a death this death that you experience can be mournful there is a period of longing missing the old world missing the familiar and we describe this so beautifully in the formula that connects to the elemental process the iao formula you know the sign of osiris-slain the sign of the mourning of isis the sign of afos and typhon and the sign of osiris risen this death transformation process describes literally what is happening to us at a cellular and psychological level from where we give up the addiction of usually meeting the needs or the expression of that archetypal energy inside of the external or the world that people places time things and events as joe de spenza speaks about to reconstructing the rules where i become that which i seek i become the warrior i become the magician i become the king or queen i become the lover and then beyond those things as i harmonize these aspects of my own psyche i become something even more i become the beauty that i seek in the world and now that i have become the beauty i seek in the world now i seek only to cultivate the expression of my planetary self venus jupiter mars saturn i’m not going to go into details about those endless collective maps around these archetypes but they represent the entire construct of our society you know mercury is thoth is everything technology computer internet communications you know venus is everything social artistic creative and so on and on you know if you’re very unfamiliar of that i suggest tuning in to the astrologer with bill duvondek and you know listening to some of the older discussions and some of the other ideas we explore the the meaning not only of the astrological impacts on our planet but what these archetypes mean and where they come from and also check through some of the other pieces but we can only truly cultivate or build relationships with those when we have fully actualized these other components of ourselves and we’re no longer at the subjugation of it so the pathway to becoming god or god-like or hybrid god which is our own expression of this eternal creative energy is a deeply personal and individual one it’s not the way the hollywood films describe yet according to quantum mechanics and the probabilities of the discussions of the collective unconsciousness nothing says that that’s not a possibility but the pathway to it is important to recognize is a long and slow journey of progression and if you’re honestly at a place where you’re needing that then you have failed in the subjugation or the mastery of the very first archetypes because even those planetary archetypes are where we get our fundamental human needs from we can very easily understand how the very need to be significant is in many ways jupiter or the sun in many references how our need to connect is very much in some correlations venus you know our need for certainty our need for uncertainty all these you know beautiful concepts are very deeply embedded inside of the planetary archetypes and the process of active imagination the process of ceremonial magic is the way in which we work communicate get in touch with but it’s also not the only way you see because so many of us have worked through history to develop a relationship with these archetypes the internet is filled with podcasts episodes talks courses that have certain aspects of those you know that you can now engage in or to start cultivating those dimensions of yourself to become a more whole being but the doorway is within you and it requires you to do something as simple as closing your eyes imagining some dimension of yourself because imagination is the key that represents this part and then to begin communicating with it now this doesn’t mean you blindly follow everything you get from it again as i mentioned both these archetypes have positive and negative polarity some of them need to be mature some of them need to be challenged you need to apply critical thinking around this and this is why healing work and shadow work is so important and that’s the only place and that’s why we say that the spirits will test you you must be willing however to overcome those tastes because you’re clear on the thing that’s going to guide you through that entire process your unique purpose what is the purpose of all these dimensions of yourself and how did they come about why do you want to have the power why do you want to have the freedom why do you want to have the love what is it you’re after and who does that say you are and begin today by affirming that as you you see if you’re out there and you’re going oh i want this because when i have that i’ll be respected when i have that then i’ll be this if you begin instead by telling yourself you’re respected i’m respected i am loved and maybe you don’t have references from other people doing that and you can say i’m loved because i believe in myself i’m respected because i respect the effort that i have put into efforts so unlike all those you know self-help hypnosis gurus that are all just like speak positive to yourself i want to say that the secret key the secret formula for child transformation for self transformation is to speak into being what you wish to bring into being and then to support that with a reason we’ve seen this in influence and persuasion in charldini’s book influence he reflects the idea of whenever somebody tries to skip a cue if all they gave was it gave was a reason the other individuals who are more inclined your brain’s the same we all operate the same if i say to my brain i’m like and i say i’m a wonderful person it goes sure but you’ve also got a lot of references where you aren’t if i go to my brain and say i’m a wonderful person because a part of me is capable of love suddenly that’s more grounded suddenly your psyche is more able to accept it so i want to give you one of my basic instructions because i can’t take you through the journey at least not in this if you maybe go through the course i can begin you on that journey and i can give you signposts and ideas and pathways and what might lead you there ultimately for yourself but i want you to start with this basic basic principle and i’ve shared this before in a chat with bill give me 50 reasons why i should give a damn look at the things that you really want in your life and i want you to begin to defining yourself as that so instead of going oh i want money or i want sex what is it who do you need to be in order to have more money more sex more love more whatever i’m a desirable human being i bring value to the world begin with that and then as you begin with that add more reasons think about your past and these can be real or imagine remember your brain doesn’t know the difference why in the past why you know i’m a worthwhile human being because i’ve done this thing i cared about these people here you know i’m always i’ve always come up with these interesting funny jokes you know whatever it is maybe it’s more i’m in technology i’m in you know healthcare i’m in whatever you know it’s it’s are you acknowledging your beauty are you looking at your past and using that as a reference to enforce your empowering beliefs or destroy them you see the reason i give you this exercise in conjunction with this conversation is for a very obvious reason the moment you begin the journey the guides appear you see the moment you begin this journey you’re going to find out where you’re underdeveloped which archetypes you don’t have cultivated and that’s what you then bring into your meditation to begin a communication and relationship with that’s what you then go out and study and explore and grow in in order to find yourself reaching the next level we are [Music] hybrid gods that doesn’t mean we have to be the same as the ones that came before us we the world does not need another jesus another buddha another mohammed another any of you know fill in the blank the world needs another you the instruction to become divine is to become the absolute and complete expression of your true being in its full that requires you to completely accept yourself completely love yourself and you cannot do that just by default because the second you start looking for reasons you’re gonna also have to start admitting the judgments and you’re either gonna have to discover information and grow and learn or you’re going to have to let go and heal either way this is a process it is the ultimate work also known as the great work it is the alchemical process by which you systemically liberate your consciousness from its current confines unite with the archetypes within you transmute and mature the archetypes in your relationship with them and ascend systemically up through the elemental dimensions through the planetary and higher and as you do this you begin to understand the principles of magic as real because it’s not one quick spell that suddenly made things work it’s you changed and by you changed the law of entanglement and quantum mechanics kicked in your cells your vibration your frequency your energy shifted and the moment your energy shifted it became reflected you could open up to that energy in the world and suddenly it can open and enter into your life up until then it can’t so the key to mastery the key to finding what you want it’s got nothing to do with a quick fix spell but genuine deep self work and solve transmutation because within yourself is the gods within yourself is all the power and let me close off by saying that one thing how can you be insecure how can you how can you doubt yourself when all of that is inside of you when the entire tree of life and death exists within you right now when the gods the goddesses all these potentials of creative of the creative unconscious is within us now and you have access to that and all you have to do is begin playing around with your imagination in a controlled space discover and be sensitive to the communication your body and your feelings your emotions are giving you and work through those things so you can finally begin the single most important romantic or spiritual relationship you will ever have and that is the one with yourself because trust me every other relationship is simply an outpouring of that one [Applause] you


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